We collect customer usage data for Gainsight using Gainsight PX. We recently discovered a few instances where users were not appearing in our usage data reports even though they frequently use Gainsight. If a user has an ad-blocking tool, like AdBlock, ublock or Ghostery installed, which prevent javascript tracking, the users will not appear in GA.  

To resolve this problem, the user must whitelist force.com and salesforce.com. A whitelist is essentially a list of safe or approved websites.

Since there are several ad-blocking tools available and for different web browsers, we recommend that you search online for whitelisting instructions for your particular tool. As an example, if you’re using AdBlock Plus, you would follow these instructions:

Add A Domain in AdBlock Plus Whitelist (for Google Chrome users only)

Add A Domain in AdBlock Plus Whitelist (for Google Chrome users only)

1. Right-click AdBlock Plus icon at the upper-right hand corner of the web browser. Select Options in the menu.

If the plugin icon is hidden, open a new tab instead, then enter chrome://extensions in the address bar. You will be redirected to the add-ons page afterward. Find AdBlock Plus in the list, and click Options.

2. Go to the Whitelisted domains tab. See screenshot in the next step for reference.

3. In the text entry box, type in the website link you want to add to the list, for example, www.google.com

Note: Don't include http:// or https:// in the URL.

4. Click on the Add Domain button, and the link will be included to the whitelist automatically.

Visit the website you've just added, and verify if ads and other page elements are showing properly.