After your Admin configures Click-to-Call, CSMs are ready to use the Click-to Call functionality. Click-to-Call allows the user to make telephone calls over the Internet via a computer. For customers with a SFDC call center integration (with Cirrus, RingCentral, etc.), you can now click on the Account/Contacts phone number to call the customer from the Customers tab, the C360 Contacts section, or the C360 Summary section (for Account phone #).


1. To locate an account or contact and their phone #, navigate to the Customers tab.

2. (Optional) Click the phone number to call the account’s main phone number. (Note: The Account Phone field will only appear if your Admin includes it in the relevant UI View.)

3. To call a specific contact on the account, click the desired customer name. From the C360 page, navigate to the Contacts section.

4. In the C360 Contacts section, click the desired contact’s phone number to establish a telephonic communication. (Note: The Business Phone field will only appear if your Admin includes it in the report or UI view displayed in the C360 Contacts report section.)



  • Click-to-Call feature is not available in Gainsight’s mobile app at this time
  • Contacts in SFDC with a “do not call” indicator on their record can be phoned using the Click-to-Call feature