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Export Success Snapshots 2.0 Presentations

Once Admins setup a Success Snapshots 2.0 template from Administration > Success Snapshots 2.0, CSMs can export a presentation file for any customer from the Customer 360/Relationship 360 page. For Admin instructions, refer to Configure Success Snapshots 2.0 Template.

Export Success Snapshot Presentation from 360 Page

To export a Success Snapshot presentation file for an individual customer:

  1. Navigate to the Customer/Relationship 360 page.
  2. Select the appropriate Success Snapshot template from the Export dropdown list.

1. Export Screen.gif

Once the export is completed, as a logged-in user, you will receive an email with the direct download link. The downloaded PowerPoint Presentation is exactly the same PPTX, as configured and saved by your admin.

The email with download link received to the logged-in user looks similar to the below image. Click the DOWNLOAD HERE button to download the Success Snapshot template.

1. Download Link.png

The below image from the downloaded PPTX reflects all the changes made the admin, like: Company Name token, Tabular Report and Image as configured by the admin from Gainsight.  

3. output file.png


  • The Download Link received via email, for the exported business review deck will be valid only for 7 days.
  • You can view the exported Success Snapshot 2.0 template in Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides, and Apple Keynote.
  • If your admin has inserted a tabular report which contains fewer than 100 records, and selected the checkbox to overflow the records, you will see the records displayed across multiple slides.
  • If the total number of records in the tabular report exceeds 100, and if your admin has selected the checkbox to overflow the records, you will see the records displayed across multiple slides up to 100 records; and for the remaining records, you will see a hyperlink to an excel file containing all of the records.
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