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Permissions for Viewer Group in Gainsight NXT

Gainsight NXT


This article explains how to control access to Gainsight NXT data displayed on the Salesforce widgets. 

Viewer Group: This is a group of Gainsight users who hold a Gainsight Viewer license and can view data in Gainsight NXT from the Salesforce widget or other available widgets. These users can also access Gainsight data from Gainsight NXT tab in Salesforce, Sally in Slack, the Gainsight Mobile App or by directly logging in to Gainsight NXT. For more information about Viewer License, refer to the Gainsight Viewer License section of the Team View Overview article. 


It is essential to implement access control for the Viewer Group as Viewer Group holds a Gainsight Viewer License and should only be able to read Gainsight NXT data. 

Once you implement access control on the viewer group, the users of this group can access Gainsight data from the following areas. 

  • Gainsight widgets present on the Salesforce Account, Opportunity, and Case pages

  • Accesss Gainsight NXT through Direct Gainsight Login

  • Gainsight NXT tab in Salesforce

The Gainsight widgets on Salesforce pages display C360 page data (of a chosen layout). If a Viewer Group user accesses Gainsight through Gainsight NXT tenant or from the Gainsight NXT tab in Salesforce, the following pages are displayed. 

  • Timeline 

  • C360

  • R360

  • My Settings

  • Profile pages 

Apart from the above pages, Viewer Group users can also use the Global Search and Sally features.

To implement access control in Gainsight NXT, you must Add viewer users to VIEW_GROUP Permission group


  • Ensure that you have completed the Onboarding process before proceeding with this article. To learn more, refer to the Onboarding and Implementation section.

VIEW_GROUP Permission Group

Gainsight NXT has various pages like Administration, JO, Designing Email Templates, Designing Surveys, Distributing Surveys, Cockpit, and Timeline, etc. You can control the access to all of the Gainsight pages at user level. Permission Groups allow you to group various permissions together and assign these permissions to a single or multiple users matching a criteria.

Permission Groups in Gainsight NXT allows you to group various permissions together and then easily assign users to all the grouped permissions at once. A single permission group includes Survey, Email Templates, Program related permissions, and Gainsight NXT Navigation items such as Administration, JO, Cockpit, Surveys, etc.

The VIEW_GROUP is a system defined permission group that must be assigned to all the users for whom you want to enforce the Gainsight Viewer license. This Permission group is provided out of the box to all of the customers. You cannot modify or delete this group. You can only add users to this group.

This group provides view access to five Gainsight pages; C360, R360, My Settings, Profile, and Timeline, when Gainsight Viewer group wants to access Gainsight data from the Salesforce pages, Account, Opportunity, and Case and Gainsight widget in Zendesk. Users added to this group can only view these five pages. Timeline data can be edited from the Global Timeline or Timeline tab on the C360 page. Apart from Timeline, Viewer Group users can edit data on My settings and Profile page. Viewer Group users cannot edit any other data. To learn more about Viewer License, refer to the Gainsight Viewer License section of the Team View Overview article.

The users added to the VIEW_GROUP Permission group must also be added to a specific C360 layout which is reserved for Widgets.

Add Users to VIEW_GROUP Permission Group

Admins can add VIEW_GROUP Permission to the users by assigning a Viewer License and then selecting the VIEW_ GROUP Permissions in the User Detail page. You can also assign a Viewer License to a multiple users in the User Management page as it automatically assigns a VIEW_GROUP permissions. For more information, refer to the User License Management article.

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