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Reports and Dashboards Limitations

Gainsight NXT



This article explains about the limitations in Reports and Dashboards. The following are the reporting preview and export limits in Report Builder, Gainsight Home Dashboards and C360.

Report Builder 

  • Group By field limit: 10

Export as Excel 

  • You can export the report to excel based on the Tenant configured report read limit of 100k.

Report timeout 

  • 30 seconds (Mongo can have maximum document data as 16MB).

Dashboard Export 

  • PPT max. records 500 with 50 slides

  • Max. # of reports per Gainsight Dashboard: 30

  • Each report in Dashboard can have maximum of 50 records in PPT.

  • Downloading the dashboard as PDF will not capture data from third-party widgets like Tableau since Gainsight does not store these Session IDs.

  • If the PDF dashboard export takes more than 60 seconds, then the download action is deemed to be failed.

  • Shared Dashboard exports only 5000 records from a Tabular report.

Other limits 

  • When you add a Date field to the Show Me section and have applied a Min/Max function, with a field in the By section. You can only see the tabular report, but not the other visualization types. This behavior is applicable for MDA Objects and for SFDC objects, you will not see the Min/Max function on the Date Fields added to Show Me.

  • Decimal places should be supported for five digits only.

  • For Gainsight objects, you cannot create multiple reports with the same report name, even if you try saving the report, it will not be saved to the report repository. Alternatively, you can prefix or suffix some additional text and then save the report. 

  • When you login to Gainsight NXT via Salesforce, you cannot create reports on the Salesforce custom object if the name of the Salesforce custom object is the same as the Gainsight packaged object.

  • Visualization charts assist in comprehending records; however, when dealing with extensive data, it can exceed the capacity of certain visualizations. Each type of visualization chart comes with limitations on the amount of records it can effectively display. These limits include:

Visualization Chart Type Limitation
Area 2000
Bar 2000
Bubble 500
Column 2000
Column Line 2000
Packed Bubble 1000
Donut 500
Funnel 100
Heatmap 2000
Pie 500
Scatter 2000
Stacked Bar 2000
Stacked Column 2000

Note: The visualization limitation chart shown above of is determined by the number of data points it contains.

Let's understand data point conversion with an example, considering 1X2 charts scenario:

Calculation for data points:

Calculation for 1x2 charts (one field in Show Me and two fields in Group By)

  • Group By field one contains 250 unique values 

  • Group By field two contains 10 unique values.

Data Points = Number of unique values in Group By field one x Number of unique values in Group By field two.

Unique values in Group By field one  = 250

Unique values in Group By fields two = 10

Total Number of data points created = 2500
Maximum Number of data points displayed = 2000
Data points lost = 500 

Therefore, in this scenario, while 2500 data points are created, only 2000 can be displayed, resulting in a loss of 500 data points.