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Create an Enhancement Request

Gainsight NXT


This article explains how a Customer Success Manager (CSM) can add an enhancement request on behalf of a customer using the Product Request feature.


Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and Product Managers (PMs) can leverage Product Requests as a platform to collaborate and work on the enhancement requests received from customers.

The Product Requests consist of an Enhancement Request Form that CSMs can use to create the enhancement request on behalf of a customer.

The enhancement request is based on the following two types of feedback received from the customers:

  • Improvement to an existing product feature
  • New feature development

Note: Admins must create a connection between Gainsight and Productboard for the CSMs to have access to the Product Request feature.

Access Product Requests

To access the Product Requests tab:

  1. In the global search field, enter the name of the company.
  2. Select the company from the search results in the dropdown.
    Note: The company name hyperlink available anywhere within Gainsight such as from the CTA List View can also be clicked to navigate to its 360 pages.
  3. Click the Product Requests tab. The Product Requests page appears.

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 8.11.30 PM.png

View Product Requests

To view Product Requests list view page: 

  1. In the Global Search field, enter the company name. 
  2. Select the company from the search results. The C360 page of the company appears.

Note: Alternatively, click the company name hyperlink appearing anywhere in Gainsight. 

  1. Click the Product Requests tab.

The Product Requests list view page consists of the following sections:

Summary Ribbon

The summary ribbon section displays the following Product Requests states:

  • Enhancement Requests: Number of enhancement requests raised by the CSMs.
  • Roadmap Items: Number of enhancement requests approved by the Product Manager.
  • Pending Items: Number of enhancement requests yet to be approved by the Product Manager.
  • Delivered Items: Number of Roadmap Items successfully delivered. 

Note: Click on each state to view a drill down information of that state.

Selected Timeline

The Selected Timeline drop-down enables CSMs to filter Product Requests based on their creation date. Following are the pre-defined timelines available for quick access.

  • Last 30 Days
  • Last 60 Days
  • Last 90 Days

Note: The Last 90 Days timeline is selected by default.

PR-IBM C360 2022-10-28 at 3.22.13 PM.jpg

CSMs can also configure a customized timeline.

To configure a custom date range:

  1. Click Selected Timeline dropdown.
  2. Select Custom Range. A calendar for selecting a date range appears. 
  3. Select the start and end date.
  4. Click Apply

PR-IBM C360 2022-10-28 at 3.18.02 PM.jpg

Detail List View

Select a Product Requests state from the given dropdown to display detailed information of that state. 

Note: The Enhancement Requests state is selected by default.

PR-IBM C360 2022-10-28 at 3.33.53 PM.jpg

The detail list view section displays the following information for selected product request state:

  • Title: Displays the name of enhancement requests.
  • Priority: Displays the priority assigned to the enhancement request. It can be Low, Medium, High, or Critical
  • Status: Displays the status of the enhancement requests. It can be Pending Review, or Accepted.
  • Source: Displays the source of the enhancement request.
  • Tags: Displays the product tags assigned to the enhancement request.

Note: Click plus icon to add more columns in the detail list view section.

PR-IBM C360 2022-10-28 at 3.38.41 PM.jpg

Create Enhancement Request

CSMs can create enhancement requests on behalf of the customers.

To create an enhancement request:

  1. Navigate to the Product Request tab.
  2. In the Create dropdown menu, click Enhancement Request. The New Enhancement Request slide-out panel appears.
  3. In the Enhancement Request Title field, enter a name for the enhancement request.
  4. In the Summary textbox, provide a summary of the enhancement request.
    Note: Modify the auto-populated details in the summary if required.
  5. In the Contact Email, enter the email of the customer who requested the enhancement.
  6. Click Create Request.


  • Gainsight provides the following standard fields:
    • Company
    • Enhancement Request Title
    • Summary
    • Contact Email

The enhancement request form is not limited to the fields mentioned above. Based on the organization’s requirement, fill in the fields (as required) provided by the admin.

  • The Enhancement Request created in Gainsight is pushed to a Productboard as an Insight. In Productboard, when the product manager tags Insight to a feature, it is considered as an Accepted Enhancement Request in Gainsight.
  • The feature data points associated with an Enhancement Request are pushed back to Gainsight when the connectors job is scheduled to run. For more information on how to schedule a connectors job, refer to the Configuration of Job or Job Chain Schedule article. 

Delete Enhancement Request

Admins and CSMs can delete the Enhancement Requests. CSMs can only delete Enhancement Requests created by them whereas admins can delete any Enhancement Request.

To delete an enhancement request:

  1. Navigate to the Product Requests tab.
  2. Click the three vertical dots menu. 
  3. Click Delete Enhancement Request. The Delete Confirmation window appears.
  4. Click Yes. The Delete Enhancement Request from the Productboard window appears.
  5. Click Cancel to navigate back to the Product Requests tab.
  6. Click Go to Productboard to navigate to the Productboard and delete the enhancement request.

RN PR Delete ER.jpg 2023-01-23 at 11.34.17 PM.jpg

Note: Gainsight does not support bulk deletion of Enhancement Requests.

View Enhancement Requests and Roadmap items

To view the details of an enhancement request, click an enhancement request. A slide-out panel appears that displays the information about the specific request.

ER form.jpg

  1. Enhancement Request status.
  2. Enhancement Request title.
  3. Details of the Enhancement Request Form.
  4. Roadmap Items associated with the enhancement.

Roadmap Items are a set of activities that need to be performed to consider an enhancement request as complete. An enhancement request may contain one or more roadmap items.

To view the roadmap items:

  1. Click an Enhancement Request. A slide-out panel appears.
  2. Click Open Roadmap. A slide-out panel appears.

RI detail view.jpg

The slide-out panel displays the following information:

  1. Roadmap Item status.
  2. Roadmap Item title.
  3. Roadmap Item high-level summary.
  4. Associated Enhancement Requests for the Roadmap Item.

Enable Notifications

The CSMs receive email and in-app notifications that contain the summary of status changes in the Enhancement Request and Roadmap Item. The email and in-app notifications are sent as a daily digest at 6 PM UTC time zone with a summary of all events that happened in the last 24 hours.

The notifications are triggered automatically when the following conditions are met:

  • An Enhancement Request is accepted in Productboard.
  • The associated Roadmap Item is delivered.

The CSMs can unsubscribe from the email or in-app or both notifications as per their requirements. 

To configure notifications:

  1. Navigate to your profile in Gainsight.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the Notifications tab.
  4. In the Channel Subscriptions section, toggle ON the Email button.
  5. Click Event Subscriptions. The options in Event Subscriptions appear.
  6. Click the Plus icon beside For the customers I follow option.
  7. Navigate to the Product Requests status change section.
  8. Select the On Gainsight checkbox for enabling product request notifications in Gainsight.

Note: For more information on in-app notifications, refer to the Setup User Notifications article from the Additional Resources section.

  1. Select the Email checkbox for enabling product request email notifications.


  • The email notifications are sent to the users who are following the company on the Gainsight C360 page and to the CSMs assigned with the Enhancement Requests.
  • The users will receive email notifications as a daily digest in a single email at 6 PM UTC time zone irrespective of the frequency option selected in the Email in Channel Subscriptions section. 
  • The email notifications are sent with a summary of all events that happened in the last 24 hours.

RN PR Noti.jpg

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