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Configuration of Connectors Path

Gainsight NXT


Configuration of Connectors
This path article consists of a series of article in a sequence showing the configuration of a Connector and the custom Job.
Pages: 6
  • Data Platform and Connectors Overview
    Connectors support integrations to the source systems and some of them are offered out of the box for you to connect the varied data sources and sync up information into Gainsight.
  • Connections List Page
    This article walks you through the list of connections in an org, how to create and authorize a connection, and actions that you can perform with each connector.
  • Preparation of Connector Jobs
    This article explains about available features and UI elements in Jobs List page.
  • Job Chain Page
    This article explains how you can create, edit and delete a Job Chain. You can learn about various options in the Job Chain page.
  • Configuration of Job or Job Chain Schedule
    This article explains how to configure a schedule for each Job or Job Chain to set up the frequency of syncing data into Gainsight from the source system.
  • Activity Page
    This article explains how you can view and download the activities on all data jobs executed across the connections, from the Activity page.

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