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Product Catalog Overview

Gainsight NXT


This article provides an overview of the Product Catalog feature.


Product Catalog is a one-stop location to store and leverage the Product and Price Book construct throughout Gainsight (currently with Renewal Center). Product Catalog acts as a system of records for the different Price Books and the associated Products.

This feature helps users to maintain multiple pricing options for a product. You may need to associate a product to multiple prices when the price of the product changes based on the buyer type, the buying quantity, or the buying geography. Product Catalog lets you create and maintain multiple Product listings and assign each Product listing with one or more prices through Price Books.

Note: The Product Catalog feature is only available for admins. They can activate the feature based on the CSMs’ needs.

Key Terminologies

Before you start creating Products and Price Books in Gainsight, it is helpful to understand the concepts of Product and Price Books.

  • Product: A Product can be an item or any kind of service that a company sells to its customers. Companies should add the Product information along with the price per unit to leverage it for opportunities in the Renewal Center.
    For example, Gainsight offers three different applications to their customers such as Gainsight Customer Success, Gainsight Product Experience, and Gainsight Insided. Each of these are the products that Gainsight tracks.
  • Price Books: A Price Book helps to add the price per unit for a particular product. A price book also helps to identify the list of products and the different prices associated with them. The following are the two types of Price Books: 
    • Standard Price Book: A Standard Price Book is the master list of all the different products that your company sells. Each product catalog can have only one Standard Price Book.
    • Custom Price Book or Price Book: A custom Price Book or Price Book is the additional set of price books created by the company as per their requirement.

Note: In Gainsight CS, Product and Price Books are available as a standard object.

  • Price Book Entries: A Price Book Entry help to associate a product to a price. Also, in cases where a product needs to be tied to multiple prices, you can create multiple Price Books to have the required flexibility. The need to associate a product to multiple prices arises when the price of the product changes based on buyer or the buying quantity or the buying geography etc.

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