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Overview of CSQL

Gainsight NXT


This article provides an overview of the Customer Success Qualified Leads (CSQL) feature.


Organizations want to increase revenue from existing customers using leads sourced from Customer Success. Given that CSMs interact closely with customers, they can identify customers who want to expand. This potential expansion, identified by Customer Success, is a Customer Success Qualified Lead (CSQL). 

The Leads feature in C360 helps CSMs to create lead records, track their statuses, and view reports on the value of revenue they generate.

Key Benefits:

  • Simplified configuration
  • Integration with the Salesforce Lead object, enabling a Sales aligned process and revenue attribution.
  • Automatic enrichment of Lead details
  • Analytics demonstrating the revenue impact

Example Business Use Case: Your organization wants to increase revenue from existing customers using leads sourced from Customer Success (CS). CSMs can create and share leads with Sales easily. CS executives can measure the value of leads created by the CS team.

Configuration Tip: The easiest way to get started with CSQL is to deploy without the Salesforce integration. CSQLs are created only in Gainsight and the assigned Lead Owner can be notified by email. 

Note: Lead Owner is likely to be a Sales counterpart and does not have to be a Gainsight licensed user. They can be added as Internal Collaborators.

Integrating with Salesforce's Lead object requires coordination with Sales and Marketing teams. Before starting deployment, we recommend working with these teams to determine how leads should be routed and the role people and technology play in converting leads to opportunities. This approach is ideal for customers who expect to generate leads that require the support of marketing to nurture and qualify before sending to Sales.

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