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HubSpot Integration FAQs

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Following are the most frequently asked questions on Gainsight bi-directional sync with HubSpot. If you have a question that is not answered here or through related support articles, please email If you have enhancement suggestions, please post them to Gainsight's Community.

Gainsight’s bi-directional sync is a capability that helps customers to keep their data on HubSpot CRM and the Gainsight Platform in sync, thus eliminating data gaps.

With Gainsight’s bi-directional sync with HubSpot, users can see an option called Load to HubSpot Action Type on the Action Setup > Add Actions page.

Also, admins can use Timeline sync jobs on the Connectors page, that will allow them to sync their data from Engagements on HubSpot like Calls, Meetings, Email, and Notes along with customer touch points into Gainsight Timeline.

What are the edge cases users should be aware of in HubSpot Timeline Sync jobs in Connectors?

  • Filters cannot be applied to HubSpot record associations.
  • Engagements will only retrieve associations with a HubSpot Company or Contact.
  • For the HubSpot Notes Sync with Timeline Standard Job, the Timeline Subject will be populated with the subject "Notes from HubSpot."
  • If the subject is empty for a MEETING/EMAIL/CALL Sync job from HubSpot, it will default to "MEETING from HubSpot," "EMAIL Subject from HubSpot," or "CALLS from HubSpot."
  • Only global context activity types will be visible on the sync to timeline job configuration page.
  • Users cannot transfer back data to associations of a record.
  • Users cannot transfer back data to Read-Only fields in HubSpot.

Gainsight’s improved HubSpot integration with bi-directional sync capability can keep the data on Gainsight updated and pushed to HubSpot. When the HubSpot connector is enabled on Gainsight, admins can now not only continue to ingest and pull data from objects like Company, Contact, and Deals; Engagements on HubSpot CRM with the help of jobs, but also push back any data  into the HubSpot objects with Gainsight’s Load to HubSpot action on the Rules Engine.

In addition, admins can bring visibility to NPS surveys and Customer sentiment, Health scores, Risks, Plans, and insights that are tracked and managed on Gainsight for  Account and Sales teams using HubSpot. Also, CSMs using Gainsight can now view and sync all customer touch points made by Account Teams on HubSpot with HubSpot Engagements synced to Gainsight Timeline.

Here are some of the use cases we can solve with the expanded integration.

  • The admin wants to ingest the engagements made in HubSpot into Gainsight, allowing the CSM and CS departments to stay informed about the updates to customers made by the Sales team.
  • The admin wants the Timeline sync job to be automatically configured once the connection with HubSpot is established, avoiding the need to build a job or figure out the configuration manually.
  • The admin wants the updates made by the CSM in Gainsight on the Company or Person object to be reflected on HubSpot's Company or HubSpot contact object, ensuring that the sales team and the CSM team are looking at the same data.
  • The admin aims to bring in the survey data (NPS and CSAT, etc.) from HubSpot engagements for use in Scorecards or to provide visibility to leadership via Reports and the Text Analytics.
  • The prospective decision maker hopes to see Gainsight's app in the HubSpot marketplace, allowing for the purchase of Gainsight with the assurance of high-quality integration with HubSpot.

Who will use / benefit from this feature?

Admins, Super Admins, Customer Success Teams, and Users can benefit from this feature. These users have the flexibility to not only access data on HubSpot in quick time by eliminating or avoiding the steps like loading or ingesting data from HubSpot to Gainsight objects and then building reports, but also write back or push data from Gainsight to HubSpot and provide visibility into a holistic customer view and insights for Account teams who operate on CRM.

Yes, Gainsight provides support documentation. For more information on Hubspot bi-directional sync, refer to the below articles:

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