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Close CTA Action Type

Gainsight NXT


This article explains how admins can close Cockpit CTAs automatically through Rules Engine.


This action type enables admins to close CTAs automatically using Rules Engine.

Example Business Use Case: Consider a scenario where CTAs were created automatically due to low usage. Once the usage increases above a certain threshold, the admin needs to close these CTAs. In such cases, the Close Call to Action action type enables admins to close CTAs automatically through Rules Engine.

Gainsight recommends reading the configuration of the Rules Details, Data Setup, and Schedule steps before reading this article. For more information, refer to the Create New Rule section of the Rules Engine Horizon Experience Overview article.

Configure Close CTA Action Type

Once the dataset is prepared, admins can configure the Create CTA action type as follows:
IMPORTANT: The Company GSID field should be added in the dataset for the Call to Action option to appear in the Action setup.

  1. Navigate to the Action Setup step of building a rule.
  2. Hover on the dataset. The Add Action icon appears.
  3. Click the Add Action icon. The Add Criteria slide-out panel appears.
  4. (Optional) Click Add Criteria to define a filter criteria for the dataset. 
  5. Click Continue. The Add Actions step appears.
  6. From the Create Action drop-down list, select Call To Action.
  7. Select the Close CTA option.
  8. From the Company Identifier dropdown, select the required option.
  9. Enter the following details:
  • CTA ID:  Select ID from the drop-down list.
  • Include CTA ID as Identifier: Select this checkbox to validate if the CTA ID should be included in identifiers while closing CTAs.
    Note: When you select the Include in identifiers check box, the TypeSourceReason, and Set CTA status to fields are not editable. Selecting this option restricts the rule to mapping only with the CTA ID field. Only CTA ID is used as an identifier while closing the CTA.
  • CTA Type: Select the a CTA Type from the dropdown menu. 
    Note: You cannot close Objective type CTAs via Rules Engine.
  • Reason: Based on previously established Reason Types
  • Source: Manual, Rules, Timeline or Program. Select one or multiple.
  • Set CTA status to: Closed Lost, Closed Success, Closed No Action or Closed Invalid.
  • Comments: Optional and shows up in the comment section of the CTA. Type @ to see options available for tokenized comments.
  1. Click Save Actions to save the configuration.


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