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Enroll learners and track their progress in near-real-time

Easily enroll learners and track their progress in near-real-time.

This article helps you to easily enroll learners and track their progress in near-real-time.

Check individual learner progress

Navigate to the course or learning path enrollments and use the search function to find a specific learner. Check their progress towards completing the content, including the date they enrolled, their last activity, and progress data. If needed, reach out to the learner for support.


Note: Progress data provided on the learning paths enrollments tab only include required items in the path. Optional items are not considered mandatory, so their completion will not affect the progress percentage displayed.

Sort or filter to check the progress of a subset of learners

Sort the enrollments table by any column to get a better understanding of learners' progress. Apply group, date enrolled, last active on, or progress filters to see a subset of learners who meet specific criteria.

Enroll Learners or Groups 

Click the Enroll button to effortlessly assign individual learners or entire groups to courses or learning paths. In just one step, you gain full control over who gains access to specific content.

Export enrollments to CSV 

You can export enrollments and progress details to a CSV file. Take full control of your data by choosing to export all the information or filter results for targeted analysis. 

Note: Learning Paths enrollment tab has now replaced the Dashboard in the Analytics section. With this real-time enhancement, you can efficiently manage learners assigned to comprehensive programs like never before. Stay in control and optimize your learner management with ease!

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