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Send targeted, customized emails to learners based on school interactions.

Share Targeted and Customized Emails to Learners enables you to send targeted, personalized messages to your learners based on their interactions with your school. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for integrating with your system and customizing your emails.

Integration and Configuration


  • Account: You must have an active account. Start a free trial here.
  • Applicability: This guide is for schools not using URL Authentication or SSO. If using the 'Add' button in the People Center, this option is available to you.

Steps for Integration

  1. Navigate to Integration. Copy the Site ID and API Key.
  2. Click Apps in the navigation bar.
  3. Find and click Configure.
  4. Paste the Site ID and API Key into the fields.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Set up workflows to automatically resend invitation emails until the user activates their account.
  7. Monitor email delivery status within

Invitation Emails

Invitation emails will be sent to all new users (Admins, Instructors, Learners). Customize emails for different roles if desired.

Creating a Segment for Pending Learners

  1. Click on Segments.
  2. Click Create Segment.
  3. Select "have not performed" and type "person_activated".

Creating Learner Invitation Emails

  1. Create Campaign:

    • Name your campaign and select Create Event-Triggered Campaign.
    • Enter the event name “person_invited”.
  2. Add Event Data Filter:

    • Type “role” into the first box and “learner” into the second box.
  3. Apply Segment Filter:

    • Add a filter to send the email only to learners in the pending segment.
  4. Add Workflow Action:

    • Select Email from the dropdown and name your email.
    • Add content, ensuring to insert a critical link with the text ## as the URL.
  5. Finalize and Automate:

    • Click Done.
    • Choose to send the email automatically.
    • Add time delays between emails as needed.
    • Define your goal based on the pending segment.
    • Review and start the campaign.

Creating Admin and Instructor Invitation Emails

Repeat the above steps, customizing the copy for inviting admins and instructors. Ensure to modify the filter in Step 2 to exclude learners.

Event Triggers

Default Events

  • Person Events:

    • person_invited: Triggered when a person is invited.
    • person_activated: Triggered when a person accepts their invitation.
  • Enrollment Events:

    • course_group_enrolled: Triggered when access is granted via a group.
    • course_manually_enrolled: Triggered when assigned individually.
    • course_self_enrolled: Triggered when self-enrolled, e.g., via Shopify.
  • Engagement Events:

    • activity_completed: Triggered upon activity completion.
    • course_completed: Triggered upon course completion.

Note: To create specific course emails, use UUIDs found in the app within Northpass.

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