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BambooHR FAQs

Our 2-way BambooHR Integration has lots to offer. Below are the most commonly asked questions. To get the most value out of BambooHR, please reach out to their support team here: BambooHR Support.

The following FAQs are examples of commonly asked questions within our customer base. We highly recommend using BambooHR support for technical questions and we are happy to provide you with common solutions below we have come across with our integration.

Common FAQs

When I’m in the Apps > Integrations > BambooHR course mapping page in Gainsight' Customer Education (FKA Northpass), I can see the courses populate in the dropdown, but I’m unable to see the associated course in the BambooHR dropdown within the course mapping section. Why are they not populating?

Answer: In order for the course to populate under the BambooHR dropdown within our course mapping page, you will need to create the associated training within BambooHR as well. To create a training in BambooHR, please see the illustrations below:

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Be sure that when you create the associated training in BambooHR that it has the same or similar name as the course in Northpass. For example: if the course in Northpass is named ‘Course 1’ then we recommend creating the training for that course in BambooHR as ‘Course 1 as well. This will help you find the course within the dropdown menu in Northpass as seen below:

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Note: You must sync trainings in the Northpass integration page in order to update the BambooHR Training dropdown with newly created trainings in order to map them to a course in Northpass.

How do users register for a course within BambooHR?

Answer: If your users have access to BambooHR, they will have access to their assigned trainings in the BambooHR training tab. Once they click on an assigned training, it will navigate them to another page where there will be a course enrollment link that they will need to click in order to register for the course within Northpass.

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Once the link is accessed by the learner, they will automatically be registered for the course in Northpass.

How do you set or adjust due dates for training in BambooHR?

Answer: As an Admin, go to settings > training and then click on the training in which you wish to set a due date. This will bring you to the Edit Training screen. Within this screen, you can adjust when it’s due and the frequency it needs to be renewed i.e every year, 6 months, or one time.

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Can you manually mark someone as complete with a course rather than making them take it again if it did not process the first time?

Answer: In BambooHR, you can manually mark them as completed, but in Northpass we cannot do this. If they are not completed in Northpass, then they will need to complete the course.

How is this achieved? Go to the specific learner profile you wish to mark complete in BambooHR. Under their upcoming training, go to the training that you want to mark as complete then click on the white square to the left of the training name. This will prompt you to put in a completion date. Once you fill in the completion date, click “Save”. You will then see the course under the “Completed” section under the learner’s profile.

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To mark a completed course incomplete, just click on the trash can icon to the right of the completed training in BambooHR. This will prompt you to confirm that you wish to ‘delete’ the completion. This does not delete the training itself, but will only move it back to the upcoming training under their profile.

None of these steps within BambooHR will affect the course progress in Northpass.

Can my learners access and complete the training without logging into BambooHR?

Answer: If you are using BambooHR then it is your SSO Authentication method. In order for your learner to be activated within Northpass and enrolled in their courses, they will need to log into BambooHR. Then go to their trainings and select the one they want to take. They then can click on the enrollment link which will take them to the course start page while activating and enrolling them into the course within Northpass. Since they logged in through BambooHR, the completed course data will flow to their profile in BambooHR.

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The only way to have them take courses not assigned in BambooHR is to either share the course enrollment link with them or assign the courses to a group within Northpass and share the group enrollment link. The learner needs to be logged into their BambooHR account before clicking on the shared link as BambooHR is the system authenticating them into Northpass.

Can alerts or notifications be sent to my learners through BambooHR about their trainings?

Answer: Yes, alerts for Training expired, not yet completed and/or renewals can be set up in BambooHR. To set the alerts up, go to settings > email alerts and then add the alert.

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