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Pre-Populating the Share Course Links

Automate your course enrollment with Open Access + Share Links.

This article helps you automate your course enrollment with Open Access + Share Links.

Would you like your learners to bypass filling out their information when authenticating into Northpass? To have learners skip the log-in screen when authenticating via Open Access, we suggest pre-populating the course enrollment link.  In order to do that, follow the steps below:

Depending on which Open Access method you're using, the following may be different. But for this example, let's assume First Name, Last Name, Email are collected.

  1. Copy the following text and add it to the end of the Enrollment Link:
  2. ?first_name=FIRSTNAME&last_name=LASTNAME&email=EMAIL
  3. Replace the bolded text with your learner's information
  4. Use this updated Enrollment Link inside emails, on your website or in your push notifications, etc. to provide your learners seamless access to this course.

Here is an example of what the url might look like once pre-population is complete:

Admins can use the pre-populated course enrollment link in a variety of systems. It allows for learner course enrollment directly from encoded buttons in emails, on websites, or in the system of your preference. In addition, by appending these additional fields to the course enrollment link, learners are able to bypass the login page allowing for a seamless experience navigating directly into Northpass.

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