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Create a Question Bank


Question banks allow you to create groups of questions that can be randomly included in dynamic quizzes. On the flip side, if you want to throw your users a curveball and ensure that each quiz a user takes is different, go with dynamic quizzes that utilize question banks to randomize the questions that are presented to learners.

Create Question Bank

  1. Click Content and select Question Banks
  2. Enter a name for the question bank and click Create
  3. Add a Question category by clicking +Category and +Question to add a question to your category.
  4. Add your questions to your Question Bank categories and select an answer type:
  • Multiple Choice 
  • Short Answer

Multiple Choice:  For Multiple Choice, enter the answer options. To add more than two answer options, click Add Answer. To reorder the answers, drag and drop the answer in the desired location. To delete an answer, click the trashcan icon.

Note: If your question has multiple correct answers, select the "Multiple answers" toggle. This will enable you to check off all the answers that apply.

Short Answers: For Short Answer, enter a comma-separated list of keywords. The keywords are the words that must be included in the answer that the learner enters in order for the answer to be marked correct. Select an option as to whether all keywords must be included in the learner's answer, or if the answer only needs to contain any one of the keywords to be correct. When using question banks in Dynamic Quizzes you will be able to choose how many questions from each category should be presented to the learner.

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