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Single Quiz Analysis

Gain insight on how your learners are matching up against the quiz in terms of attempts, scores, & progress.

Understand how your learners perform on quizzes with detailed insights into attempts, scores, and progress.


The Single Quiz Analysis dashboard offers a comprehensive view of learner performance on individual quizzes. This interactive tool helps you track key metrics, ensuring your quizzes are both challenging and effective.

Tailoring Single Quiz Analysis Report

When you open the Single Quiz Analysis report, follow these steps to tailor the data to your needs:

  1. Select a Quiz: Choose the quiz you want to analyze from the top-left corner.
  2. Apply additional Filters: Adjust filters to focus on specific courses, groups, or time periods.
  3. Last Attempt Only: Decide whether to include only the last attempt made by each learner.

By applying these filters, you can narrow down the results and get insights that are most relevant to your analysis.

Analyze Performance of Selected Quiz

High-level Overview

The four tiles in the top-left corner provide a snapshot of quiz performance:

  • Average Number of Attempts: Average number of attempts taken per learner.
  • Average Progress: Average percentage of questions answered by learners.
  • Average Score: Average score achieved by learners (completed attempts only).
  • Median Score: Median score achieved by learners (completed attempts only).

These metrics give you a quick understanding of overall learner engagement and quiz effectiveness.

Question Analysis

Understand the performance of each quiz question:

  • Inspect Questions: View detailed performance data for each question.
  • Edit Questions: Click the three dots next to the Question Text to navigate directly to the question in the Quiz Editor.
  • Detailed Breakdown: Click on the Correct Answers Percent value to see a detailed breakdown of answers and their frequencies.

Use this analysis to identify questions that may need improvement.

Score Distribution

Visualize the distribution of scores among learners:

  • The chart displays the range of scores based on completed attempts.
  • Hover over the bars to see the number of attempts for each score range.

This visualization helps you identify patterns and outliers in learner performance.

Quiz Leaderboard

Identify your top performers:

  • Browse Leaderboard: View the leaderboard to see top scores and the learners who achieved them.
  • Learner Details: Check learner names, emails, SSO UIDs, scores, and the last question answered date.

Use this information to recognize high achievers and motivate all learners.

Keep your stakeholders informed with scheduled sending of the report

Customers on the Enterprise plan can schedule an automated delivery of the report, with respect to configured filters. Learn more: Scheduled Delivery of Analytics Reports.

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