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Multiple Quiz Raw Answers Dashboard

Breakdown the data of your learners' raw quiz answers, including multiple choice answers and short answer submissions.


This report provides an in-depth analysis of how learners responded to questions across multiple quizzes. It includes both multiple choice and short answer submissions, offering insights into their performance and understanding.

Key Terminology

Learner Details

  • Learner First and Last Name
  • Learner Email

Quiz Name

The name of the quiz set during its creation.

Activity Title

The name of the activity where the quiz was taken. Since a quiz can be used in multiple places, this column represents the specific activity associated with the result.

Course Name

The name of the course where the quiz was taken. This column indicates the course related to the quiz result.

Question Number

The number assigned to the question within the quiz (e.g., Question 2).

Question Text

The text of the question presented to the learner.


The learner's selected response (for multiple choice) or typed response (for short answer).

Marked Correct

Indicates whether the learner's response was correct.

Date Answered

The date when the learner submitted their answer.

Run this Report

  1. Use the Search Bar on the left side of your screen to find a specific learner's quiz answers.
  2. By default, the results are filtered by a one-week date range. To change or add filters, click the Filter drop-down menu next to the Search Bar and select your desired filters. Click Apply to update the results.
  3. To sort the data table, click the column header you'd like to sort by in the top row. This will rearrange the data based on the selected column.
  4. As you scroll through the results, you will see the question asked, the learner's response, and whether the response was correct.
  5. Click the Send to email button at the top right to receive a .csv export of the data. An email will be sent to the email address associated with your account.
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