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Multiple Course Analysis


The Multiple Course Analysis Report is a valuable tool for tracking and understanding your learners' progress across various courses. This comprehensive report provides detailed information on the latest completed activities and overall progress, helping you monitor and support your learners effectively.

Run the Multiple Course Analysis Report

By default, the report includes activity from courses over the past 30 days. To tailor the results to your specific needs, you can apply a range of filters:

  • Course Name
  • Group Name
  • Last Activity Date
  • Learner Name
  • Learner Email
  • Course Version
  • Course Progress
  • Show Only Empty Attempts (set to "No" by default)
  • Show Deleted Learners (set to "No" by default)
  • Learner and Course Properties (available in Enterprise plan only)

Filter Descriptions

  • Show Only Empty Attempts: Displays learners who are enrolled but have not started their attempts.
  • Show Deleted Learners: Shows progress of deleted learners, with anonymized data such as name, email, and SSO UID.

After setting your desired filters, click the refresh button on the right to generate a new report.

Download the Report

  1. Click the three dots in the top right corner to open the Dashboard menu.
  2. Click on Download.
  3. Select either PDF or CSV.
  4. (Optional)Adjust Settings.

Modify any available settings to fit your needs.

Additional Features for Enterprise Plan Users

With the Enterprise Plan, you can also schedule the Multiple Course Analysis Report to be delivered automatically, ensuring you receive regular updates on your learners' progress without manual intervention.

By utilizing the Multiple Course Analysis Report, you can gain deeper insights into your learners' progress and enhance the overall learning experience.

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