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Available Models for Programs

Gainsight NXT
Gainsight helps innovative companies protect and nurture their most valuable asset - their customers - with the power of our award-winning platform. With our Customer Success Solution, you can gain deeper insights into customer behavior, operationalize the customer lifecycle, and coordinate actions and results across teams.

This article supports Gainsight NXT, the next evolution of the Customer Success platform. New and upgraded customers are deployed on Gainsight NXT.

If you have not upgraded and are using Gainsight Salesforce Edition, you can find supporting documentation here.

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Models are pre-built, configurable methods for conducting different email campaigns within a Program. They are designed to utilize Gainsight’s recommended best practices for capturing customer feedback. Currently there are four models available: three models designed for surveys, and the Email Chain model for non-surveys. Models for other types of campaigns such as a pre-event marketing and post-event feedback model are currently in development. For more information on configuring these models, refer Configure Models and Emails for Program.

The following are the models available for Programs:

  1. NPS Survey
  2. Customer Satisfaction Survey
  3. Generic Survey
  4. Email Chain

A brief description of each model and an illustration of their workflow is explained below:

NPS Survey

This model is designed for surveys that capture Net Promoter Score data. Before sending an NPS Survey, this model allows users to send a Heads Up Email to customers (recommended), indicating that you’ll be sending a survey shortly. If a customer has not responded to the survey, reminder emails can be sent. If the customer does not respond to reminder emails, notifications can be sent to the CSM. After the customer responds to the survey, a Thank You email can be sent. In this model, the option to send an Escalation Email to the Account Owner/CSM is enabled by default.

1. NPS Survey.png

Customer Satisfaction Survey

This model is best suited to collect feedback/sentiment from the customer on a transaction, such as a support case. With this model, if a customer has not responded to a CSAT survey, reminder emails can be sent to them. If the customer has not responded to reminder emails, notifications can be sent to the CSM. After the customer responds to the survey, a Thank You email can be sent to them. In this model, mapping the “Context ID” is mandatory, so that you can tie each score back to a specific activity/service offered. For example, the Context ID could be a support ticket number or a webinar code.

2. Customer Satisfaction Survey.png

Generic Survey

This model is designed as a catch-all workflow and can be used to send generic surveys to customers. You’re free to configure this as you please. All of the emails can be disabled here except for the survey email itself.

3. Generic Survey.png

Email Chain

4. Email Chain.png

This model supports sending a series of related email outreaches, such as messages related to the Onboarding Process. You can configure each step of the Email Chain as you see fit with action steps like Send Email and Create/Close CTA, with either Wait Timer or Conditional Wait steps between them. It is possible to create branching steps using the Conditional Wait step. This model can also be used to send Operational Emails.



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