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Quick Insights in Slack using Sally

In this article, you will learn about how your company can access real-time customer insights within Slack using the Sally AI bot.


The Quick Insights feature takes this ability further and makes rich Gainsight data easily accessible to Sally users. 

Gainsight introduces the Quick Insights feature which helps users access more specific information by simply typing Quick Insight in the chat window as shown in the following images.

1. introduces.png QI in slack-updated.gif

The following diagram explains a scenario where you remember the insight name and directly enter it in the Sally command window.

Example: Quick Insights > Choose a quick insight type (SFDC/MDA/Data Space) to view the Insights > Choose a Quick Insight to view data.

3. Quick.png

4. QI-you remember the insights name.gif

What is Quick Insight and why use this feature?

The Quick Insights feature is a powerful way of giving access to rich data insights to end users from Sally. It is essentially a report tailored to the presentation needs and constraints of Sally channels like Slack. Admins enables end-users to use Quick Insights from Sally for richer data access than possible today. For example, Show the list of high priority cases from high risk (low health score) companies. To bridge that gap, Gainsight introduces the Quick Insights feature which helps users access specific information just by typing ‘Quick Insights’ in the chat window.

Target Audience

This feature is primarily intended for the following audience:

  • Administrators who want to make richer insights in Gainsight data available to their end-users.
  • Sally in Slack end-users who want to easily access rich insights from Gainsight through Sally.

Use Quick Insights

Perform the following steps to use Quick Insights:

  1. Type ‘Quick Insights’ in the chat window as shown in the following image.
  2. Click Enter. The Report Name dropdown option appears.


  1. From the dropdown list, select a Report Name.

Note: The options available in the above-mentioned dropdown list are marked as a Quick Insight by the Admins from the Administration > Report Builder page. For more information, refer to the Mark Reports as Quick Insights article.

  1. Click Enter to see the response to the insights in the threads.

Screenshot 2020-11-26 at 9.46.13 AM.png

Note:  In Slack, all the tabular reports can be downloaded in excel format and the remaining chart reports are available in image format.


IMPORTANT: The responses for all the Quick Insights actions from Slack can be viewed directly in the threads. 

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