This report can be used to identify high ARR customers that have open Product Risk CTAs, and require a product enhancement in order to successfully use Gainsight. This report is extremely helpful in identifying the areas of our product that need to be built out in order to sufficiently service our high priority customers. This report displays the # of Open Product Risk CTAs for customers with an ARR greater than $X.

  1. Navigate to Administration > Report Builder > click + Report
  2. Select the data source: Calls to Action

  3. In the “Show me” section, to view the total number of Calls to Action and ARR, select something similar to the following:

  • Object :: Call to Action, Display Name :: #Call to Action, Aggregation :: Count

  • Object :: ARR, Display Name :: Total ARR, Aggregation :: Sum

4. In the “By” section, the goal is to examine the data for individual customer accounts. The following is an example of how you might set up the “By” section:

  • Object :: Account Name, Display Name :: Account Name

5. To show only the High ARR customers and new CTA’s, setup the following report filters (as examples):

  • CTAType = Risk

  • CTAReason = Product Risk

  • Status Name (for CTAs) = new, open, in progress (or any of your non-closed statuses)

  • Sum of ARR > select your desired threshold

6. Click “Apply” and then set your visualization type to “Column Line”. The final report should resemble the above image.

7. Enter a report name and click Save.

Configure Dashboards

If you'd like to add this report to a dashboard, you can find instructions here.