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Trigger PX In-app Engagements from Journey Orchestrator

This article explains how PX engagement is triggered by Program.

Gainsight integrates Journey Orchestrator (JO) with PX. You can trigger PX in-app engagements from Programs, take action based on the engagement events in Programs, and analyze and measure Program and Engagement effectiveness. This integration helps customers achieve a unified customer engagement strategy by leveraging the best of both JO and PX applications. PX engagements can be triggered in all Program model types.

By default, this feature is enabled for all the customers who have CS and PX subscriptions.


This integration only supports the following three types of engagements created in PX:

  • Dialog
  • Slide
  • Guide

Note: Email type engagements are not supported because it is already available in JO. While Survey type engagements are currently not supported and planned for future release.

Business Use Cases

Following are some of the business use cases for the JO+PX integration feature:

  • While On-boarding a new customer, Admins can send a ‘Welcome Email’ with a walkthrough of the CS application using PX engagement.
  • After a new release, Admins can trigger a PX engagement, from Program, which consists of a release video to all users.


The following are the prerequisites to use this feature:

  1. Customers must have subscriptions for both the Gainsight Journey Orchestrator module in the CS application and also the Gainsight PX application.
  2. Configure the PX Connector in the Gainsight CS application. For more information, refer to the Gainsight PX Connector article.

Tasks Performed in Gainsight PX

The following are the tasks that must be completed before adding an Engagement in a Journey Orchestrator Program:

  1. Create any of the following engagement types in PX:

  • Dialog
  • Slider
  • Guide 

For more information on how to create engagement in Gainsight PX, refer to the Anatomy of Engagements article.


  1. In the Triggered by dropdown option, select Journey Orchestrator trigger type.

Note: Programs can only trigger the engagements that are marked as triggered by Journey Orchestrator in the Gainsight PX application.


  1. Select the Audience, Template, set the schedule, and launch the dialog, as required. For more information on how to schedule and select the audience, refer to the Anatomy of Engagements article.

    Note: Only engagements that are Launched and Active can be triggered in Programs.

Trigger an Engagement in Programs

Admins can log into the Gainsight CS application to configure a Program after an engagement, which is marked as triggered by Journey Orchestrator, is launched in the Gainsight PX application.

To trigger an engagement in Programs:

  1. Navigate to Journey Orchestrator > Programs

  2. Click +CREATE. The New Programs page appears.
  3. In the Program Details section, enter/select the name, type, and folder for the Program.
  4. In the Program Model section, select the model type for the Program. For more information on how to configure models for Programs, refer to Configure Model and Emails for Programs .
  5. Click SAVE.


  1. Click Add New Action (+) icon and select Trigger Engagement action type.
  2. Hover over the Trigger Engagement action type and click Edit Configuration icon. Which In App Engagement would you like to configure? Dialog appears.
  3. In the Step Name field, enter the program step name.
  4. In the Engagement field, select the engagement to be triggered in the Program.
  5. Click SAVE.


The JO triggered engagement from PX can be associated with only one step in an action Program. If the Program stops then the same engagement can be used in another Program.


An error message is displayed if an engagement is pre-selected and the status of the engagement is changed to another state from Active.


  1. Once an engagement is selected, use Conditional Wait or Wait Timers to check for the events from engagements to decide the next steps to be followed.

Wait Timer 

The Wait Timer step can be configured to wait for a set amount of Days, Hours, or minutes before sending the next message. 


Conditional Wait 

The Conditional Wait looks for a set condition to be met before sending the next message. These conditions include Event-Based Conditions, Calculated Field Based Conditions, and Participant Field-Based Conditions.

For more information on Calculated Field Based Conditions and Participant Field-Based Conditions, refer to Program: Conditional Wait.

Trigger Event-Based Conditions

Admins can select conditions based on events in the Program. The list of event configurations is based on the step prior to the Conditional Wait step. If the prior step is Trigger Engagement, the following event configurations are available:

  • Engagement Failed: If the Program was not successful in requesting PX to add the participant to the engagement for qualification. This might occur in cases where the PX user id becomes invalid or some system error occurred while connecting with PX.


  1. Add participants to the Program. For more information on how to add participants to a Program, refer to Adding Participants to a Program.

  • Only the company persons with a valid PX user ID can be added to a Program with at least one engagement step. The participants are moved to failed participants category if the above condition is not met with an error stating Invalid PX user id.


  • If the PX users re-enters as a different participant from a Program, the status of that PX user automatically changed to VIEWED or COMPLETED based on the previous actions they have taken with the same engagement.

  1. Click PUBLISH. The Confirm Publish dialog appears asking if you would like to proceed with publishing the program. Admins have the option to publish the Program immediately or schedule it to publish at a later time. This publishes the Program and begins the process of sending messages to participants as per Program configuration.

JO+PX10 (2).gif



  • The program tries to associate all the Engagements used in the program and only then be successfully published along with other validations. In case of any failures in the Program, it reverts back to the Draft status from Active. 

Post Publish Editability of Triggered Engagement 

Admins can change the engagement used in an Active program even after it is published. But, this leads to a complete disconnection of that engagement with the program. The existing participant actions can also no longer be able to trigger the same engagement for that program.


A new engagement can be associated to the same step henceforth, and the new participants will be added to this new engagement. In such a case, admins must carefully configure the events that depend on previous steps.

Analytics of Triggered Engagement

During the execution, the triggered engagement details are stored in the Gainsight CS database for analytics. The following event-based details are recorded per Program for all of the triggered engagements in the PX STATISTICS tab:

  • Viewed: The total number of participants who viewed the PX engagement triggered by the Program.
  • Not Viewed: The total number of participants who have not viewed the PX engagement triggered by the Program.
  • Completed: The total number of participants who completed the PX engagement triggered by the Program.


It also displays the number of participants failed to get added to PX engagements for qualification in the Failure Rate section of the PX STATISTICS tab.


For more information on Analytics, refer to Program Analytics: Reports for a Single Program.

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