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Identity HMAC Verification (SHA256)

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Enabling identity verification means Gainsight PX will use HMAC id so we can have a secured way to validate that a logged in user doesn't try to impersonate as another user - this feature should be set via account product settings. The purpose of identity verification is to verify that your users are who they claim to be. It works by using a server side generated HMAC (hash based message authentication code), using SHA256, on either your user’s email or user_id. Once identity verification is enabled, We will not accept any requests for a logged-in user without a valid HMAC.

Enable Identity verification Under Account Settings

Once your server side has implemented identity verification using the hash key you can enable it under account settings.


Pass the User Hash in the Identify Call

  //User Fields
    "id": "unique-user-id", // Required for logged in app users
    "email": "",
    "firstName": "John",
    "lastName": "Smith",
    "signUpDate": 1522697426479, //unix time in ms
    "userHash": "" // optional transient for HMAC identification
  //Account Fields
    "id":"IBM", //Required
    "name":"International Business Machine"
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