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Zendesk Knowledge Base Integration

This article explains how to configure the Zendesk Knowledge Base Integration with Gainsight PX. 


Gainsight PX allows you to integrate with the Zendesk Knowledge base. This integration allows you to view your Zendesk articles from PX's Knowledge center bot. To facilitate this integration, you must configure the Zendesk widget present under the Knowledge Center Integrations section.


Note: The Zendesk widget present under the Knowledge Center Integrations section is not the same as the widget present under the Productivity Integrations section. You can learn more about working with the Zendesk widget under Productivity section from the Gainsight PX Zendesk Integration article.  

This article explains how to use the Zendesk Knowledge Base Integration, setup labels and contextual search feature. 


You must have a Zendesk login credentials to generate API Token. For more information on how to generate the API Token in Zendesk, refer Generating a new API token article.

Integrate Zendesk

To create a connection between Gainsight PX and Zendesk:

  1. Login to Gainsight PX with your personal credentials. Gainsight PX Dashboard is displayed.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Integrations.

  3. Click Settings icon. Zendesk Docs Search window displays.
  4. Enter the following details:

    1. Token which you have already generated in Zendesk

    2. Enter a Sub-domain of your Zendesk.

    3. Enter the user Email of your Zendesk org.


  1. Click Apply.

Add Label Filters to Zendesk Knowledge Base

When you search Zendesk articles from the KC Bot, you can view all the articles which match your search term. However, Gainsight PX allows you to limit the scope of the search to a few articles. You can accomplish this by using labels. You can use a label on your Zendesk articles, which you wish to be displayed on the KC bot. 

In order to limit the search scope issue the next API call: 

aptrinsic('bot', 'search', {labels: ['test_label']});

From this point, only those articles which have the test_label label would be displayed in the KC bot search. 

Display Contextual Suggestions in Zendesk Knowledge Center

Gainsight PX provides context-based suggestions in the PX Knowledge Center (KC) Bot for Zendesk.

When you associate your Zendesk Knowledge Base to PX’s KC Bot, users can view context-based suggestions even before they start to search for an article. For instance, if a user is on the create Ticket page of Zendesk, and opens the KC bot, the Bot displays articles related to Create Tickets, even before the user starts typing the search terms. When users start to type search terms, the Bot lists articles based on the search terms provided by the user.


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