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Gainsight Inc. Server-side Integration

This article provides an overview of Segment server integration with Gainsight PX.


Gainsight PX supports integration with server. The integration with server allows you to track data without the need to expose data to the front-end layer. This means you can track data with less efforts and without having that data flow through your client’s browser.

The types of data that can be tracked are unlimited and can rely on your server’s endpoint validation. For example, the server events that pass the basic user input validation such as login or form submissions can be tracked. Also, the tenant-level data such as tenant settings can be tracked.

For more information on how to set up server-side integration with Gainsight PX, refer to the Configure Cloud Destination (Server to Server) article from the Additional Resources section.

Tracking user transactions

SaaS platforms today are built using micro-services as part of implementing a service-oriented architecture. While being a highly scalable architecture, it is also known to be more challenging to track user transactions that tend to be distributed between different services. Server-side tracking allows the tracking code to correlate the user activity across services which can be used to measure API usage, SLA and performance among others.


Server-side code example

analytics.enqueue(TrackMessage.builder("Item Purchased")
        .put("revenue", 39.95)
        .put("shipping", "2-day")