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Surveys FAQs

1) Can we mimic the launch of a Gainsight PX Engagement from our SurveyMonkey "Give us your feedback" button, and still capture user data?
  • You should be able to run a full survey in-app.
  • You can use PX to send emails with a link that contains query parameter (i.e. ?survey=questionaire1) which will trigger the survey as they log-in.
  • Using Survey Monkey:
    • Integrate with survey monkey, you can set a link to the survey and you can also pass user/account parameters through the link by using tokens.
    • Go into code on Engagement Editor and put the token.
    • *The issue here is they won't be able to load the survey results into PX's survey analytics.
2) How do we capture the personal information elements with Gainsight PX?

You should look at the Analytics/survey performance report to see that they will have the user/account data there.

3) Is Gainsight PX providing us with a frame that our product page sits within? And is that how we would be able to procure all of the user parameters?

We use Identify Call to track users and account attributes.

4) Is it necessary to send out all of our surveys through Gainsight? Or can we distribute surveys through other mediums (for example, email) if desired?

You can send surveys in the following possible ways:

  • Using PX In-app NPS®
  • Using in-app engagement to redirect them to Survey Monkey (we do not capture survey response data into PX for this type)
  • Using Gainsight CS NPS® (data available within CS)
  • Using Gainsight CS Journey Orchestrator to send survey via emails
  • Using SurveyMonkey: CS is able to capture Survey Monkey response data
5) Considering the implementation above, is there any specialization that must occur in Gainsight PX’s Audience configuration?

You must ensure to send all relevant User/ Account attributes that you plan on using to trigger the NPS® Survey.

6) How do we Preview our survey? Once we click the Preview icon, we get an invalid URL message. No matter what URL we enter, no preview is displayed.

If you are getting a URL error it means the url is wrong, probably a typo on your URL (it's a generic browser error, not PX).

7) If there are multiple engagements triggered for a user, how are surveys prioritized?
  1. Slider
  2. Guide
8) How does PX define the survey as complete?

Gainsight PX considers the Survey as completed when the user clicks done/submit in the final survey step. This means that the user has completed all the required questions.

Note: If a user skips the optional questions but clicks done/submit on the final survey step, PX still considers it as complete.

NPS, Net Promoter, and Net Promoter Score are registered trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld.
9) How to resolve closed loops for conditional branching in Multi Question Survey engagements?

You can resolve the closed loop in the following two ways:

  • In the Editor section, navigate to Flow View, identify the step that initiates the closed loop. Reset the configurations of that particular step to default and reconfigure the conditions.
  • Click the Reset icon in the right corner of the Editor screen. Reset all the conditions and reconfigure accordingly.
10) How does the evaluation happen when multiple condition blocks are added in a step?

When two or more conditional blocks are added, the evaluation process is sequential. The conditional block that matches the users response is evaluated and the other blocks are disqualified for evaluation. If none of the conditions match the response, the user is navigated to the step selected from Else dropdown.

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