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Snooze Engagements FAQs

Following are the most frequently asked questions on Snooze feature for engagements . If you have a question that is not answered here or through related support articles, please email If you have enhancement suggestions, please post them to Gainsight's Community.

Yes, the engagement is counted as Viewed if it is snoozed. The snoozed engagement is not counted as Completed. But, for a single step guide even if the user snoozes the engagement, it is marked as complete as the user has viewed the engagement.

Currently there is no direct filter. In the Analytics section, snoozed engagements are denoted by non-zero values. So, you can check the users who have snoozed the engagement.

The engagement if not marked as Ignore Throttling the Throttling norms will be adhered to for the snoozed engagement.

From functionality perspective, there is no difference between Skip and Snooze for Interval Qualification Scope. In the Analytics section, only the snoozed engagements are tracked whereas there is no tracking mechanism for the Skip action.

A paused engagement is never triggered to any user. The same rule applies to the engagement irrespective of whether it is snoozed or not.

Yes, for a user to view the snoozed engagement, the user needs to qualify for the engagement at that point of time. Gainsight PX triggers only those engagements to the users for which they qualify.

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