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Organize Engagements


To organize effectively a multitude of in-app and email engagements (50+).


As a PX customer responsible for engaging with end-users, it’s important to organize my engagements into folders in order to locate and edit/launch them accordingly.

Ways to Organize Engagements

Below are some ways to organize engagements:

By Audience

  • New Users
  • Mature Users
  • All Users

By User Actions

  • Created 
  • Edited
  • My Favorites

By Engagement Status

  • Active
  • Paused
  • Editing
  • Completed

By Use Case

  • Product Releases and Enhancements
    • High Impact
    • Low Impact
  • User Feedback
  • Company-Wide Announcements

By Team/Responsible Person:

  • Product Management
  • Customer Success
  • Sales
  • Customer Support

Current Functionality

  • Filter by: Type, Status
    • Types: Dialog, Slider, Email, Guide, Survey
    • Status: Active, Completed, Editing, Paused
  • Columns: Arrange by columns
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