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Understand Knowledge Center Bot Analytics

IMPORTANT - Articles Impacted due to recent changes in PX Analytics.

Due to the recent changes made in the Analytics area of PX product, this article has been impacted. Images and playable GIFs in this article will soon be updated to reflect the latest changes.

For more information about the latest UI changes, click here.


This article explains how to view the detailed analytics of any Knowledge Center Bot.


KC Bot Analytics helps you understand how often the Bot is used, or how many user views there are on Bot Engagements/articles, or if the search terms are returning the desired results.

View Knowledge Center Bot Analytics

To view KC Bot Analytics:

  1. Navigate to Analytics.
  2. Click Knowledge Center from the Engagements drop-down options. A list view of KC Bots is displayed.
  3. Click on the Bot name to view the detailed analytics of the selected Bot.

Note: The date filter on top of the page allows you to select the date range of Bot Analytics.

Bot Analytics has seven components that are represented by their respective widgets:

  • Engagement Views: Displays the analytics of the user views of Engagements configured for the Bot.
  • Article Views: Displays the analytics of the user views of the Knowledge Center articles added in the Bot.
  • Feedback Submitted: Shows the analytics of the user feedback provided in the Feedback tab of the Bot.
  • Searches: Shows the analytics of the searches that users perform from Bot.
  • Bot Interactions: Displays the number of times the Bot was opened and closed. Click the card to see the details of users who interacted with the KC Bot.
  • Web Link Views: Displays the view count of Web Links added in the Bot. Click the card to see the details of users who viewed the Web Links.
  • Recommendation Views: Displays the number of times the recommended content in the Bot is viewed by the target audience. Click the card to see the details of users who viewed the content recommendation.

The widgets for each component display the time series view of the analytics during the selected time frame. When you click each widget, the details of the component are shown in the table view below the widgets. You can navigate to each card using the next button.

Bot Analytics New.png

User Drill-down

You can view the list of users who viewed the Engagements in the Knowledge Center Bot, from the Analytics section. Previously you could only see the number of viewers. Click the user count and further drill down to the user details.

To use this enhancement:

  1. Navigate to Analytics > Engagements > Knowledge Center.
  2. Click on any Knowledge Center Bot.
  3. From the Engagements list view, click the user count of the Engagement for which you need to see the user details.


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