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Success Plan Change Document

This article explains the pain points of the old Success Plan and the benefits of upgrading to the new Success Plan Horizon Experience. It contains the following sections:

User Pain Points before Success Plan Upgrade

We’ve addressed the following pain points with the new Success Plan Horizon Experience:

  • Users had to go to the 360 page of each company/relationship to access Success Plans. It was not possible to view all Success Plans in one location because they were spread out across enterprises and relationships.
    Locating hundreds of Success Plans across companies/relationships could get tedious without views and filters to see specific sets of relevant Success Plans.
  • The Gantt chart was useful to see objective CTAs and tasks across calendar dates, but users could not visually add dependencies between objective CTAs or between tasks.
  • Users were unable to modify the CTA/task bars on a Gantt chart to change the start or due date, and they couldn’t observe how these changes would impact dependent CTAs/tasks.
  • Admins could use Success Plan templates to generate standard lists of objective CTAs for users. But they could not configure the dependencies between the objective CTAs in templates.
  • Admins could not configure advanced dependencies in playbooks such as dependencies for task start dates.
  • Admins could assign only a single template when creating Success Plans through the rules engine. The inability to select multiple templates discouraged admins to build modular templates.
  • Admins could not personalize Success Plan tracking with custom statuses. Status is used to track success plans, and each organization's tracking is different.

What’s new in Success Plan Horizon Experience?

The Success Plan Horizon Experience is driven by the Horizon Design System. The main purpose of this system is to simplify the product and improve the customer experience in every way possible. This includes improving existing functionality and adding new enhancements.

For more information on the new features, refer to the What's New in Success Plan (Horizon Experience) article.

What is Horizon Experience?

The Horizon Experience is Gainsight’s simple, intuitive, and beautiful product experience - intended to reduce time to value and admin effort, as well as streamline the end-user experience. In 2020, many of the primary user-facing modules will be released in the Horizon Experience. Right now, you can see it in action in our Mobile experience and in applications like Data Designer, Renewal Center, and Experience Center. The Horizon Experience consists of a design system and technical component library to ensure consistency across modules and platforms.

Check out this 1-min. video for a glimpse of the Horizon Experience in the Gainsight applications!

For more FAQs on the Horizon Experience, refer to the Horizon Experience FAQ article.


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