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Horizon Experience FAQ

Gainsight NXT


What is the Horizon Experience?

The Horizon Experience is Gainsight’s simple, intuitive, beautiful product experience - intended to reduce time to value and admin effort, and streamline end-user experience. In 2020, many of the primary user-facing modules will be released in the Horizon Experience. Right now, you can see it in action in our Mobile experience and in applications like Data Designer, Renewal Center, and Experience Center. The Horizon Experience consists of a design system and technical component library to ensure consistency across modules and platforms.

Check out this 1-min. video for a glimpse of the Horizon Experience in the Gainsight applications!

How is this different from NXT?

Gainsight NXT is the next evolution of our platform that extends our technology to make Gainsight faster and more flexible than the version our customers know and love. It represents all of the foundational business logic and database layers that bring more flexibility and control for Gainsight customers. Horizon Experience is focused on the user experience and interactions layer of Gainsight. Together, they provide the experience you want with the power you need.

Will the Horizon Experience only be available in NXT?

Gainsight Horizon Experience is planned for users of Gainsight NXT and Gainsight Salesforce Edition, with some exceptions such as Cockpit.

The NXT Platform has made it possible for us to focus even more on product experience, and some Horizon Experience enhanced features will be exclusively available in NXT. 

Can customers see the Horizon Experience in the product today? Where?

Horizon Experience is currently deployed in some of Gainsight’s new applications, Renewal Center, Customer Experience (CX) Center, as well as Data Designer and Sightline. Gainsight mobile has also been built in the Horizon Experience since its initial 2019 release. GS Assist Chrome and Outlook plugins are also designed with the Horizon Experience.

Which features are slated to be re-imagined in the Horizon Experience in the near future?

Over time we will bring all Gainsight product features to be compliant with the Horizon Experience. In the near term, you will see Gainsight’s most popular end user modules such as Timeline, Cockpit, and the majority of C360 reimagined in Horizon Experience. During the same timeframe, we will launch a major refresh of Reports and Dashboards, Admin Navigation, and CDP.  Late this year, we plan to launch Journey Orchestrator, Success Plans, and Gainsight Home in Horizon Experience.

How can I learn more about the specific changes to a specific feature?

We recommend subscribing to the Product News and Updates topic on Gainsight Community, and of course keep up to date with our product release notes and release video highlights.

Will there be different views available initially for toggling between new and “classic” for Horizon Experience features?

The Horizon Experience is so much more than a fresh coat of paint. The upgraded experience includes a number of usability enhancements and new features for each product area, and a toggle between the classic view and the Horizon Experience view is not possible. We will, however, make the transition completely seamless so that it doesn’t require any additional effort from your Gainsight Administrator.

What if I don’t want to experience changes?

We know that change can be hard. That’s why Gainsight has invested a tremendous amount of effort in understanding the ways that our customers currently interact with the product. We’ve conducted numerous design feedback sessions with users like you and deeply analyzed usage patterns -- using our PX product. Our enhanced product experience is calibrated for Gainsight users, with common use cases and familiar patterns considered in our efforts to optimize your experience. We’re confident that you’ll be able to navigate the capabilities you use more easily than ever, and that you’ll fall in love with the practical and beautiful Horizon Experience. 

Will there be or has there been a beta group?

For some features that are totally new, including the new Reporting and Dashboard suite, we are planning on running limited access beta programs. For some other features like Customer Experience (CX) Center, we are already in progress with a beta program. The design team regularly conducts usability testing and usage analysis for general design and product experience updates.

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