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Send Emails from Timeline

Gainsight NXT - Articles Impacted due to July, 2023 Release

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Our documentation is being updated to match the new July 2023 release (v6.37) navigation changes. Technical Communication team is working diligently to align everything as soon as possible. Thanks for your support.

For more information about the latest UI changes, click here.


This article explains how to share email from Timeline using Email Assist 2.0.


Users can share the Timeline Activities as an email using the Share via Email option within any activity.

Note: Separate emails cannot be sent from Timeline using Email Assist 2.0.

Business Use Case: A CSM can share the details of the Executive Business Review (EBR) meeting with the customer directly from the Timeline page.

Share Timeline Activity via Email

Share Timeline Activities using the Share via Email option within any activity.

To share any Timeline Activity:

  1. Navigate to the Timeline page.
  2. Click on the context menu of the required Timeline activity.
  3. From the vertical dropdown, select Share via Email. The Send Email window is displayed.

Share via Email.png

  1. Review the information in the Send Email window. The information in the following fields is auto-populated with the details created in the Timeline activity.
    • To: This is populated with the Internal and External attendees' information from the Timeline Activity.
      Note: Users can add additional participants in the To address field.
      For more information on Internal and External attendees, refer to the Timeline FAQs article from the Additional Resources section.
    • (Optional) Click Remove External Attendees in the email composer to remove the external attendees from the To field.
    • (Optional) Cc: Users can add email ID(s) in the Cc field.
    • Select the sender’s email ID in the From dropdown list.
      Note: Toggle the Organization Wide Email Address option to send an email on behalf of the team. For more information on how to enable this feature, refer to the What’s New in Email Assist 2.0 article from the Additional Resources section.
    • From the Reply-To dropdown, select the sender’s email to receive the email response.
    • (Optional) Select the Add Reply-To in the BCC checkbox, if the email id of the sender needs to be added in the BCC field.
      Note: The BCC field is auto-populated with email ID(s) added in the Administration > Email Configuration page.
    • Review the subject of the email as the name of the Timeline Activity.
    • Review the body of the email consisting of the details of the activity.
    • Review the attachments in the activity that are included if present within the Timeline Activity.
      • Users can edit the body of the email if required.
      • Emails sent from Timeline can support up to 20 attachments.
      • The size of all the combined attached files must be less than 20 MB.
      • The size of each attachment uploaded from the compose window must be less than 20 MB.
  2. Click Send Email.

After a Timeline Activity is shared, an Email icon is displayed next to that activity.

Email Icon.png

Note: An activity can be shared multiple times. If the recipient is the same, a new entry is created in the Email Stats.

Email Stats

Email Stats contain details of all the instances when an activity was shared as an email.

To view the email stats:

  1. Click the Email icon next to the required Timeline Activity. The Sent Email window is displayed.
    Email Stats.png

The following information is displayed.

  • Sent Email sort list: The Sent Emails are by default displayed in descending order by the latest sent.
    • Click the arrow icon to reverse the list order.
    • Click each entry to display the Recipient’s name, Email Stats, and Email Body.
  • Email Details: Shows the details of the Recipients, CC (if any), BCC (if any), From ID, and Reply-To ID.
  • Email Stats: The following stats are displayed for a selected Timeline Activity email:
    • First Opened On: Displays the date on which the email was first viewed.
    • Last Opened On: Displays the date on which the email was last viewed.
    • Email Opens: Displays the total number of times the email has been viewed.
    • Hard Bounced: Displays the number of times the email was returned to the sender because the recipient’s address is invalid.
    • Soft Bounced: Displays the number of times the email failed to send as it was temporarily denied by the recipient’s email servers. Click the number displayed here to see a list of recipients that experienced the Soft Bounce. You can then trigger to resend the email. For more information on how to resend an email, refer to the Resend Emails section of this article.
  • Email Content: Displays the details of the Timeline activity as the email body, including the internal and external attendees, and the email attachments.

Resend Emails

In the Email Stats section, users can click the number displayed for soft-bounced emails to display a list of bounced messages. They can resend the bounced emails to the respective email IDs if required.

To resend the email:

  1. In the Email Stats section, click the number displayed under the Soft Bounced section. The Bounced Emails section is displayed.
  2. Select the checkbox for the email id to which you want to send the email again.
  3. Click Resend. The email is sent to the selected email address.
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