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Gainsight Bulk API FAQs

IMPORTANT NOTE: Gainsight is upgrading Connectors 2.0 with Horizon Experience. This article applies to tenants which are yet to be upgraded to the Horizon Experience of Connectors 2.0. If you are using Connectors 2.0 with Horizon Experience, you can find the documentation here.

Below are some basic questions about Gainsight Bulk API functionality. If you have a question that's not answered here or through related support articles, please email You can also share your questions and enhancement suggestions on the Gainsight Community.

What is Gainsight Bulk API?

Gainsight Bulk API is a channel to load data into Gainsight objects through a CSV file uploaded from the machines not connected to Gainsight system.

How does the Gainsight Bulk API work?

  1. Gainsight Bulk API needs a Connection in which you can create multiple data ingest jobs.
  2. When you upload a CSV file in a data ingest job, UI performs field mappings between the fields in target object and CSV file headers and generates a cURL Command.
  3. You can enter Access Key and filename with path in the cURL Command and submit in the terminal or from external system. Records from CSV file are ingested to the target MDA object.

What is the cURL command for Gainsight Bulk API?

cURL command is a command line tool to package authentication details, and CSV file in a single request and hit the server. It also prints the server's response. Typically, when you hit Bulk API, and the request is successful, it will show a Request ID that can be used to track the status of loading a file.

How can you establish a new Connection in Gainsight Bulk API?

You can establish a new Connection with your valid Access Key and with a unique Connection name. If you do not have a valid Access Key, you can generate one instantly.

What are the current limitations with the Gainsight Bulk API?

  • Gainsight Bulk API allows to create one Connection per tenant
  • Size of the CSV file should be up to 80 MB 

What is the significance of Update Keys while importing data through Bulk API?

Update Keys set at the object level are visible in the Update and Upsert operations. This is to make sure that the Update Keys will be considered while updating the existing records.

Into which Gainsight objects can you ingest data through Gainsight Bulk API?

Standard and Custom Gainsight objects.

How can I ingest records from GSID type fields into a target object?

While setting up the data import job, there is Derived Mappings tab in which you can perform data import lookup configuration to another standard object and fetch GSID into the target object. Multiple field matching option is also available in data import lookup configuration to fetch correct GSID record.

Will my existing commands be affected?

None of the existing commands will be affected. Gainsight Bulk API works independently.

Can Admins reset Access Keys while setting up a Connection?

The UI allows you to reset the Access Key, but it is not recommended to reset the Access Key while setting up a Connection, because other jobs which are running with the current Access Key may get impacted.

Will any of the existing functionalities (such as Reporting etc.) be affected?

No, none of the existing functionalities will be affected with Gainsight Bulk API and importing data.

What might be the possible reason if I do not find the records as expected in the Gainsight object after data ingesting through Bulk API?

Check the execution logs for the particular data import job to see the failure records. Click on the Failure records to download the error file, fix the error reason, and import the data through Bulk API again.

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