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Snowflake Connector FAQs

This article contains some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Snowflake connector.

Can I pull data from Tables/Views in Snowflake using jobs?

Yes, you can pull data from Tables/Views in Snowflake.

How many Snowflake connections can I create?

You can create multiple Snowflake connections.

What is the data volume I can fetch in a single run?

5 GB of data can be pulled in a single scheduled job run.

What is the frequency of data transfer?

You can schedule a Snowflake job with a minimum of an hourly sync capability.

There are some new tables/columns added in my Snowflake instance but I don’t see them while creating a job in the Snowflake connection.

You need to re-authorize/re-save the Snowflake connection.

Is there bi-directional sync available with the Snowflake connector?

Bi-directional sync is not available for Snowflake connector.

I need to pull more than 5 GB data as part of the initial load, how to go about it?

Please contact Gainsight support for this request.

What permissions should I need to give to the Snowflake user account to authorize the connection?

The following user permissions are required for Snowflake user authenticating the connection: Read access to the Snowflake data, Default Warehouse and Create stage. They user need not to be an Snowflake Admin.

What is the authentication mechanism available for this connector?

Basic Authentication (username/password) is required to authenticate the Snowflake connection.

Can I choose to change the behavior of jobs from Upsert to Update only?


Does the connector support reading data from Snowflake without actually storing it in Gainsight?

The purpose of a connector is to get data into Gainsight from an external system, so Snowflake connector jobs will get data into Gainsight. It cannot be used for only reading data in Snowflake.

Why don’t I see the Merge and Transform capabilities in the Snowflake jobs?

If you have requested for a large data load (more than 5 GB) in each job run, then Merge and Transform capabilities will not be available in Snowflake Jobs. However, for such a large data load, Data Designer's Merge and Transform capabilities are still available.



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