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What is Community Metrics?

Out of the box connectivity with Digital Hub’s Community Management feature is available for customers to bring Community Metrics to Gainsight to empower CS processes.

Who is Community Metrics for?

The primary user of Community Metrics is the CSM to gain insights directly from their community and apply the knowledge to their CS workflows.

How will Community Metrics be deployed? And what is needed for deployment?

Before proceeding with the integration, Admins need to create a support ticket with their Digital Hub tenant ids for Gainsight to establish the connection from the back end. After the connection is established, the integration process is automated.

How will people access Community Metrics?

For customers with both Digital Hub and CS licenses, the admins can configure the data sync from the Community Administration page. After the configuration, the Community data syncs bi-directionally between Digital Hub and Gainsight.

Is Community Metrics an add-on feature?

No. The data sync will be available for all customers who have Gainsight and Digital Hub licenses. 

Is Community Metrics available today?

It is available as a Sightline Vault solution, but the rest of the configurations to drive CS processes will have to be configured manually.

Is there a timeline for when Community Metrics will be available to purchase? 

Community Metrics will be available in phases. The first phase for the C360 metrics is tentatively planned for Q1 FY24.

What is included in the MVP of Community Metrics?

The initial release activities are split into two phases:

  • Platform Integration: Getting the data sync between the two systems. Community Users data and User activity sync type are targeted in this phase. 

  • C360 Widgets for Community Data: Show a high-level overview of the Community Metrics in the Company Profile like Community User count, Posts, Comments, Idea count.

What will be included in future releases with Community Metrics?

Community content sentiment analysis and keyword overviews, Community measures in Scorecards, Community triggers in Programs, and Community User segments in JO power lists a few items are planned in upcoming phases.

Does a customer have to buy all three Gainsight products in order to use Community Metrics?

The customer will have to buy both CS and Digital Hub to use Community Metrics.

Will Community Metrics be mentioned on the website?

Yes, we will be including the configuration documentation in the support documents and other marketing materials.

Is there a cost associated with Community Metrics?

There will not be any additional cost for configuring the data sync for paid Digital Hub/CS customers.

If a customer already pays for CS, PX, or Community - will they need to pay more for Community Metrics?

No, there will not be additional cost for enabling the data sync. It will be available out of box for any customers with Digital Hub licenses.

Does Community Metrics impact current customers?

No, it will not. The configuration is completely optional and can be set up at any time. The configuration can be phased to first be done on Sandboxes and then planned for Production.

Is Community Metrics available for both SFDC and NXT edition users?

No, it will only be available for NXT customers.

Will Community Metrics be presented within our support documentation?

Yes, we will have support documentations for Community Metrics. 

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