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CX Center Overview


Gainsight NXT



Customer Experience Center makes it easier for users to collect and analyze textual feedback/ response data from sources like Surveys and Timeline. Once the data is collected, the CX Center automatically provides advanced analytics, including sentiment assessment, to help improve your customer experience, predict market trends, identify potential churn, and recommend necessary steps to increase product usability. 

CX Center collects data from sources like Gainsight Surveys and Timeline. It allows admins to select text feedback source(s) and also to add topics and keywords to capture and provide better analytics on a particular topic. 

Once the Gainsight admin enables the CX Center, admins can configure data sources and topics. Then, Gainsight users can view all of the analytics on the CX Center Dashboard page and can create/modify dashboards with available widgets and add global filters as required.

IMPORTANT: Customer Experience Center is available as a paid add-on to our Customer Success platform. For more information on how to license this feature, please contact your Gainsight account manager.

Impact Analyzer(NEW)

Impact Analyzer helps identify the underlying factors that are affecting key customer experience metrics (called outcomes) like NPS® and CSAT, by classifying them as strengths and areas of improvement. Impact Analyzer works by analyzing the survey responses, scorecards, and company attributes stored in the Gainsight company object. Our AI-based model identifies patterns in your data to bubble up your strengths and opportunities for the business KPI such as NPS®.

Impact Analyzer uses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to uncover how different drivers (such as scorecard measures, customer sentiment) impact business goals like NPS® and renewals so teams can identify which areas to focus on the most.

CX Center is a family of capabilities that exists in Gainsight today that combines data from a number of sources and uses the power of AI to summarize the most important customer experience signals.

IMPORTANT: When the new packaging is rolled out, CX Center and Impact Analyzer will be impacted:

  • Essentials and Enterprise packages get Basic CX: NLP on survey data and Impact Analyzer
  • Essentials+ and Enterprise+ packages get Advanced CX: Multi-source/channel NLP (surveys + Timeline activities) and Impact Analyzer

Business Use Cases

User Roles: CX User, CS Operations, Customer Insights/Analytics, Leaders, and Executives.

  • As a CX User, you want to understand customer sentiment based on  Survey feedback, and also Timeline activities or emails. For example, you may want to analyze Onboarding feedback and the likelihood of Renewal for the next quarter, so your admin can define these topics in the CX Center to analyze the customer sentiment. With CX Center, you can derive insights such as:

    • Trend analysis on your data to examine how customer sentiments are changing over time (eg. quarter to quarter). 

    • For deeper insights, you may want to drill down into specific Surveys like NPS®, CSAT, or Timeline entries for EBRs, to identify the topics/keywords that are most important and see how they are related to your customer sentiments.

  • As a CX User (Manager), you might want to know how Sentiment or NPS® is correlated with financial outcomes like recurring revenue. You can achieve this by using the Revenue Matrix widget in CX Center where you can analyze how the Sentiment or NPS® is correlated with your Company’s revenue.

  • (NEW) As a CX User, you can optimize your Customer Success strategy by uncovering the impact on top business goals and identifying where your team should focus their efforts with Impact Analyzer. You can also view full analyses with detailed reporting and rich data points and group similar drivers with common theme.

Benefits of using CX Center

The following are the benefits of using the CX Center :

  • Make faster business decisions based on a holistic view of all the insights derived from advanced text analytics.
  • Analyze your customers feedback and see the Overall scores and trends of Sentiment and NPS®.
  • View Company and Company Person level insights.
  • See a clear graphical view of your customers Sentiment vs Revenue.
  • Add topics/keywords to get better analytics.
  • Get a holistic view of structured and unstructured feedback from surveys, meeting notes, and employee feedback.
  • (NEW) With Impact Analyzer, get more value out of Gainsight because your CS teams can now use it to uncover new insights and demonstrate their impact to the business.
  • (NEW) Save time completing key driver analysis and reporting thanks to Impact Analyzer and the AI-powered technology
  • (NEW) Influence your strategy by uncovering CS areas to improve — and drive higher Net Retention Revenue in return

CX Center Details

CX Center consists of two pages; namely CX Center Admin and CX Center. The following flow chart represents the workflow of the CX Center :

CX CEnter.png

To access CX Center, navigate to the Administration > Customer Experience > CX Center page and enable the Experience Center feature. Once enabled, you can see Data Configuration, Topics, and Key Drivers Analysis sections, where you can select the source(s) and set the time frame, add topics, and choose outcomes. By default, CX Center provides few topics. For more information on how to configure Data and Topics, refer to the Configure CX Center article in the Additional Resources section at the end of this article.

For more information on how to configure drivers, refer to the Configure Key Drivers article mentioned in the Additional Resources section at the end of this article.clipboard_eeb5aec0523028ce171535a03855069a5.png

To access the CX Center home, navigate to the CX Center page where you can view all the user dashboards, analytics, sentiment score, key words etc. For more information, refer to the CX Center Home article in the Additional Resources section at the end of this article.


Known Limitations

  • The under the hood text processing in CX Center is always performed on the English text. If a non-English text is submitted for text processing, first it will be translated to English and then put through the text processing workflow. 
  • CX Center doesn’t support native NLP (Natural Language Processing) for non-English text. User needs to ensure that the Topics and Associated Keywords configured are in English.

Additional Resources

  • For information on how to configure the CX Center, refer to the Configure CX Center article.
  • For information on how to explore analytics, refer to the CX Center Home article.
  • For information on the most frequently asked questions on CX Center, refer to the CX Center FAQs article.
  • For more information on how to configure drivers, refer to the Configure Key Drivers article.
  • For more information on the commonly used terminology in Impact Analyzer, refer to the  Key Terminologies section in the Impact Analyzer for End Users article.
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