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Gainsight Sandbox Management

This article explains admins the key topics on Gainsight Sandboxes and how to create a new Sandbox and refresh the existing Sandboxes.


Gainsight Sandbox Management enables admins to create and manage their Gainsight Sandboxes. A Sandbox is a copy of your production org, used for testing the latest features and functionalities that Gainsight has introduced with new versions.

Sandbox Management

Gainsight customers should purchase required Gainsight Sandbox licenses. If you want to purchase new licenses for Sandboxes, contact your Customer Account Manager (CAM). Sandbox Management page displays the number of Available Gainsight Sandbox orgs (remaining Gainsight Sandbox orgs out of the total orgs that you have purchased) and also the number of Gainsight Sandbox orgs which you have already created.

You can navigate to the Sandbox Management page from the Administration > Sandbox Management.

Sandbox Managament_NXT.png

Numbers and details shown in the previous image are just for reference only (None of them are standard or real). You can see that three Gainsight Sandbox orgs are created out of seven orgs (licenses). You can create new Sandboxes using Production orgs up to another four.

You can create a new Sandbox and refresh the existing Gainsight Sandboxes from the Sandbox Management page. When you create or refresh your Gainsight Sandbox org, all the current data from your production org is copied to your Sandbox org. 

Create a new Sandbox

You can create a new Sandbox from the Sandbox Management page if you have available Sandbox licenses. To create a new Sandbox:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Sandbox Management.

  2. Click +Sandbox.

  3. Click Yes in the confirmation message.

Create a New Sandbox.gif

Refresh an Existing Sandbox

When you create an existing Sandbox, all of your latest data in the production org is copied to the Sandbox org. To refresh an existing Sandbox:

  1. Click Refresh to the required Sandbox.

  2. Click Yes in the confirmation message.

Sandbox Refresh_NXT.gif

Some of the key points related to Sandbox org refresh process are:

  • Once the refresh operation is initiated (known as requested in Gainsight terms), the logged-in user who initiated the request, receives an Email notification. Another Email notification is received once the refresh process is completed. 

  • When you initiate the refresh process on a Sandbox org, its status is shown as REQUESTED. Once the refresh process is completed, the status is changed to REFRESHED.

  • The refresh process is not instantaneous and may take up to 24 hours.  

  • You can refresh your Gainsight Sandbox org only once every 90 days. If you wish to refresh your Gainsight Sandbox org more frequently, contact the Gainsight Support Team and also inform your "Gainsight Client Outcomes Manager”.

  • After the Sandbox refresh, a new Tenant ID is created for the Sandbox which replaces the existing Tenant ID.

Services Affected on Sandbox Refresh

None of the Services in the production tenant are affected during Sandbox Refresh. The existing Sandbox gets disabled because of which all jobs with the existing Sandbox are stopped.

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