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Rules Engine Horizon Experience - FAQs

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Rules Engine Horizon Experience - FAQs

Below are the most frequently asked questions on Gainsight Rules Engine. If you have a question that's not answered here or through related support articles, please email If you have enhancement suggestions, please post them to Gainsight's Community.

What are the key benefits of Horizon Rules? 

Horizon Rules provides the following key benefits:

  • Simplified Admin Experience 
  • More powerful capabilities for Admin Users  
  • Faster processing 
  • Visual Experience for Creating Rules
  • Single Object Flow
  • Improved Data Preparation Experience
  • Visual Action Setup
  • Ability to update CTA & Success Plans via Rules
  • Enhanced Field Mapping Experience
  • Visual Execution History Including Enhanced Logs

What are the new features coming up with Horizon Rules?

Gainsight has redesigned the Rules Engine, powered by Gainsight Horizon Experience. The new Rules Engine comes with enriched visual experience  to make it easier for the admins to build and understand rules. In addition to enhanced user experience, new features are added  and the  existing functionalities are improved.

  • Creating Rules is now more visually simple and easier.
  • Single Object Flow.
  • Enhanced Data Preparation experience and more
  • Enhancements to Action Setup.
  • Ability to update CTA & Success Plans via Rules.
  • Enhanced field mapping experience 
  • Visual Execution history including enhanced logs

For more information, visit the Change Document for Rules Engine Horizon Experience

Do I need any upgrade for the Horizon Rules?

No, it will be an automatic upgrade. Customers who have signed up for the beta program will see a new workflow to create Horizon Rules in addition to the existing Bionic rules. Gainsight will send an email notification when the feature is enabled in your org. After the beta program, all the customers will get a chance to experience and understand Horizon Rules before it is made generally available.

What will happen to Bionic Rules?

After a period of co-existence with Horizon Rules, any Bionic Rule will be converted to Horizon Rules. Over a period of time, all Bionic Rules will be replaced by Horizon Rules. All your existing Rules will be converted and you do not need to create any new rule manually. 

Can I try the new Rules Engine Horizon Experience in the Sandbox environment to get familiar with it, before the upgrade happens?

Yes. Reach out to your CSM if you want your sandbox environment to be part of a beta program. Also, when we enable Horizon Rules for all customers, Gainsight  to give enough time to familiarize yourself with Horizon Rules while having Bionic Rules open.

Which editions of CS are getting this upgrade?

he updated end-to-end Horizon Rules Engine will be available for NXT customers only. 

 Note: Phase-1 of Horizon Rules Engine (Rules list, chain, summary ribbon,  etc.), was available for both NXT and SFDC edition customers.

How to determine if I am on the old UI or New Rules Engine Horizon Experience UI?

OLD UI looks something like this:


NEW UI will now have new look something like:

NEW UI Rule.jpg

As an admin, do I have any option to upgrade the Rules Engine to Horizon Experience, earlier than the upgrade date?

Currently Gainsight has initiated  the first phase of the beta program, if you want to be a part of the subsequent phases of this beta program, please reach out to the CSM.

What resources are available to learn about Rules Engine Horizon Experience?

You can refer to documentation, to learn about the Rules Engine Horizon Experience.

What happened to Load to Company Person / Load to Relationship Person actions?

The Load to Company Person / Load to Relationship Person action types have been deprecated in Bionic Rules a while ago. 

For more information,  refer to the latest announcement here - Gainsight NXT Release Notes 6.33 July 2022. These actions will be migrated to the Load to People action type with no functionality changes in Bionic Rules itself.The deprecated Actions Types  will not be available in the Rules Engine Horizon Experience. 

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