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FAQs - Deprecation of Bionic Rules: Transitioning to Enhanced Horizon Rules

This FAQs document is designed to provide clear answers to common questions regarding the migration process from Bionic Rules to Horizon Rules It informs admins about the migration timeline, what to expect, and how to prepare. Additionally, it offers guidance on where to find further support and resources, ensuring that users feel supported every step of the way.

What is happening with Bionic Rules?

Bionic Rules is being deprecated in favor of Horizon Rules, which offers an enriched visual experience and enhancements for easier rule creation and management. 

Why are we transitioning to Horizon Rules?

Horizon Rules is the next generation of our rules engine, designed to simplify administrative tasks, improve rule management, and provide a more intuitive user interface. Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced Data Preparation experience and Single Object Flow 
  • Enhancements to Action Setup
  • Ability to update CTA & Success Plans via Rules
  • Enhanced field mapping experience
  • Visual Execution history including enhanced logs
Can I opt-out of the migration?

No, migration to Horizon Rules is mandatory. 

What is the timeline of the Horizon Rules migration?

The migration is set to begin the first week of June 2024 with the goal of completion by January 2025. Please note this is subject to change. 

What happens if I don’t migrate by Rules by my migration date? 

All remaining Bionic Rules will be auto-migrated to Horizon Rules. 

Will I receive a heads-up before the migration begins? 

Yes, an email notification will be sent out 30 days before any migration activities occur. Additionally, a reminder will be sent out 1 week ahead of the migration. 

What if I want to delay my migration date?

Please reach out to your CSM to discuss any possible options.

What should I do to prepare for the migration? 
  • Review and remove any rules that are no longer necessary, including unscheduled, active, and inactive ones.

  • Keep manually migrating and validating your rules to ensure a smooth transition.

Check out some best practices from fellow Admins found in this Horizon Rules Community group

If I’ve already migrated some of my rules, will they be migrated again? 

No, duplicates will not be created for inactive, scheduled, and active rules that have already been migrated. 

How long will support of Bionic Rules continue?

Bionic Rules will continue to run and can be modified until your specific migration date. However, after May 31st, 2024, we will no longer provide bug fixes for Bionic Rules. Rules should be migrated or recreated via Horizon Rules. 

What should I expect during the migration process?

The migration will occur during non-business hours - with no downtime required. All (inactive, scheduled, inactive) Bionic Rules will be migrated over to Horizon Rules and will function as they were in Bionic Rules. 

Upon completion, your Super Admin will receive an email notification with an audit log of migrated Rules attached for your review. 

Will Bionic Rules be accessible post migration? 

Bionic Rules will be available in an inactive state via an archived folder for your review for 60 days post migration. 

Is there any support available leading up to the migration?

Absolutely, you can attend our bi-weekly Office Hours schedule posted here in Community for assistance, or reach out to your CSM if you’d like guidance from our Professional Services team. Our support team is also ready to address immediate questions or concerns.

Where can I find more information or get updates?

For detailed information and updates, visit our community post here. We encourage you to subscribe to this group to stay informed throughout the migration process.

What resources are available for using Horizon Rules?

 Please check out the following articles:

How do I report an issue with Horizon Rules?

Please create a ticket with our support team and ensure you select the right priority.

What should I do if I'm experiencing multiple issues with Horizon Rules?

Please reach out to your CSM with a list of rule names or rule logs (if possible) affected and we will escalate the matter. 

How do I report Enhancement Requests for Horizon Rules?

Enhancement Requests should follow the standard process of creation of an Idea in Community.

Where can I provide feedback about the migration process?

We value your input and encourage you to share feedback through the community post, during Office Hours, or by reaching out to your designated CSM. 

This transition is an essential step in ensuring a more robust and efficient rule management system for your organization. Thank you for your collaboration and understanding as we continue to enhance our products and services.


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