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Load to GS Lead Action Type

Gainsight NXT


This article helps admin to use the Load to GS Lead action type using Horizon Rules in the Rules Engine.


The Load to GS Lead action type enables admins to load the data available in any Gainsight object to the GS Lead object. The action also enables them to import leads data available in different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to Gainsight. This helps admins to maintain information about leads at one place.

IMPORTANT: If the sync option in the Leads configuration is selected as Sync with Salesforce, then the Load to GS Lead rule action will load to both Salesforce and Gainsight.

Gainsight recommends reading the configuration of the Rules Details, Data Setup, and Schedule steps before reading this article. For more information, refer to the Create New Rule section of the Rules Engine Horizon Experience article.

Configure Load to GS Lead Action

To configure the Load to GS Lead action type:

  1. In the Action Setup step, hover on the dataset. The Add Action icon  appears.
  2. Click the Add Action icon. The Add Criteria slide-out panel appears.
  3. (Optional) Click Add Criteria to define a filter criteria for the dataset.
  4. Click Continue to navigate to the Add Actions step.
  5. From the Create Action drop-down list, select the Load to GS Lead action type.
  6. In the Load to GS Lead section, provide the following details:
    • Operation: Select one of the following options:
    • Upsert: Select Upsert to insert or update new or existing data from the source fields into the target fields.
    • Update: Select Update to only update the data from source fields into the target fields.
    • (Optional) Description: Enter a description for the rule action.
      Load to GS Lead 2.jpg
  1. From the Add Fields drop-down list, select from the following types of fields to add to the action.
    • Source Field: This option lets you select source field(s) from the source object and map it to the target field in the GS Lead object. Click Source Field. The Select Fields slide-out panel appears. Provide the following details:
      1. Select the checkbox of the source fields.
      2. Click Select. The selected source fields are added to the Field Mappings section.
      3. Select the Target Fields.
      4. (Mandatory) Select at least one Include in Identifiers checkbox. It helps to avoid data duplication.
      5. Configure the Define Lookup operation to fetch the source field data from an intermediate object and load it into the target field.
      6. (Optional) Add a Default Value.
        Note: This value is considered in the target field in case the source field value is invalid or not available.


    • Custom Field: This option lets you provide a custom value to the target field in the GS Lead object. 
      1. Click Custom Field.
      2. From the drop-down list, select Target Fields.
      3. Enter the value that should be loaded in the selected target fields.


    • Reuse Source Field: This option allows you to reuse a source field from the list of source fields already selected. The process remains the same as Source Fields that is elaborated above.
      Load to GS Lead_Reuse Source Fields.jpg
  2. Click Save Actions.
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