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User License Management FAQs

Gainsight NXT

This article supports Gainsight NXT, the next evolution of the Customer Success platform. If you are using Gainsight CS Salesforce Edition, you can find supporting documentation by visiting the home page, and selecting CS > Salesforce Edition.

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IMPORTANT - Articles Impacted due to 6.34 October NXT Release

Due to the v6.34 October, 2022 release, this article has been impacted. Steps, images, and playable GIFs in this article will soon be updated to reflect the latest changes.

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Below are the most frequently asked questions on Gainsight License. If you have a question that's not answered here or through related support articles, please email If you have enhancement suggestions, please post them to Gainsight's Community.

How many types of license types are there in Gainsight?

There are five types of licenses: Full, Viewer, Viewer+ Analytics, Internal Collaborator, and External. For more information, refer to the User License Management article.

Do we have to pay for all the five Gainsight Licenses?

No, you will only have to pay for Full, Viewer and Viewer+ Analytics license types.

Will the Internal Collaborators and External licensed users be able to Login to Gainsight?

No, Internal Collaborators and External licensed users cannot login to Gainsight.

What are the different methods by which I can add users in Gainsight?

You can add users in Gainsight by following four methods: Manually, through CSV, from External systems like Slack, SFDC, Dynamics, Hubspot and Zendesk.

What will happen to the users without a license?

They will remain in the system and admins can assign license to them, if required.

Can we sync users from external systems in Gainsight?

Yes, you can sync users from external systems in Gainsight and Gainsight retains their status (active/inactive) from the external systems in Gainsight.

Note: Inactive users from Slack are not synced into Gainsight.

What happens when a licensed user is made inactive?

License will be removed for the inactive user.

Can I change the license type of Super Admin?

No, you cannot change the license type of Super admin. Active Super admin will always have Full license assigned to them.

Can I assign a license through Rules Engine?

No, you cannot assign a license through ‘Load to User’ action type in Rules Engine.

Can I assign licenses to multiple users in bulk?

Yes, you can assign licenses to multiple users from the User management page. For more information, refer to the Assign License through CSV file and Assign Licenses through External Systems in the User License Management article.

Can I assign licenses to users while uploading users through a CSV file or external systems?

No, however when users are pulled from the external systems, all active users are assigned an Internal Collaborator license. Inactive users pulled from all the External Systems (Salesforce, Dynamics, Zendesk, and Hubspot) are not assigned a license and are stored as inactive users in Gainsight. Also, Inactive users from Slack are not synced into Gainsight. For more information, refer to the Add User from External Systems secction in the Gainsight User Managment article.

Can customers report on the type and number of licenses used by them?

Yes, customers can create a report and view license usage details. For more information, refer to the User License Management article.

Can we update usernames in bulk?

No, you cannot update usernames in bulk. You can update a user’s username from the User Details page.

Can Inactive users be used in any other product areas?

Inactive users cannot login to Gainsight. However, they will appear in the user search results and reports based on the requirement.

Can we add additional permissions to Viewer licensed users?

No, you cannot add any additional Permissions Bundles to Viewer licensed users. By default, Gainsight assigns VIEW_GROUP Permission Bundle to them.

Can we delete users from Gainsight?

Currently, you cannot delete users from Gainsight. However, you can make the respective users inactive, if you do not want the users to login into the Gainsight.

What is the difference between Viewer and Viewer+ Analytics license?
  • Viewer License: It provides read-only access to Gainsight Data including access to the Account/Opportunity widgets, and the ability to add or edit entries to the Timeline. Users can access Gainsight information through several channels including Sally the Gainsight Bot, Shared 360, Shared Dashboards, and Adoption Explorer.
  • Viewer+ Analytics: In addition to the features accessed by Viewer licensed users, Viewer+ Analytics licensed users will be able to access insights about the customer base through Horizon Analytics Dashboards, CX Center (if purchased) and Renewal Center’s Analyze View (if purchased).
Whom I can assign Viewer+ Analytics license?

Leaders or Sales persons want to access insights on the overall status of their customer base, or segments of customers.

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