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Unification FAQs

Gainsight NXT


This article contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Unification and Data Steward features.

What is Unification?

Unification helps you to configure a job that unifies data from various sources and create a Unified records in Gainsight. These data sources could be from within a business unit to help unify data from a CRM with related sources like support, finance, usage, etc, or across various business units to unify data from Multiple CRMs for a 360 view across all business units.

What is Data Steward?

Data Steward helps you to view Unification results, and if needed, manually override Unification results. Manual intervention capabilities include not only changing what records should be considered as duplicates but also what values should be written into the Unified records in Gainsight.

What objects are supported for unifying data? Are there any objects which are added by default?

All Custom objects are supported for unifying data in Gainsight. Unification contains two projects, one each for Company and Person, where the respective objects are added by default. Any custom object in Gainsight can be added to the Company Unification project to unify with Company model, or the Person project to unify with Person.

Can we use the Unification feature to remove duplicates from existing data in Gainsight?

Unification groups all duplicate data within the Company and Person model into Record Groups, thus helping in identification of duplicates already in Gainsight.

Can we undo the changes in Gainsight done by the Unification feature for a record?

Unification can be configured to prevent automatically inserting the results into Gainsight. Data Steward can be used to monitor the Unification results before promoting to Company / Person. Furthermore, You can even use the Steward to directly undo/make changes to Company/Person while browsing what that record looks like in all the sources.

Can we manually decide which records should be inserted within a Record Group of duplicate records?

Yes, you can manually decide which records should be inserted within a Record Group of duplicate records via the Steward Interface.

How many sources  can be unified with this  feature??

Currently, there is no limit.

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