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Chorus Integration FAQs

This article contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the integration with Timeline.

How does the integration work with Gainsight Timeline?

The integration automates the logging of meetings from to Gainsight Timeline as Meetings. It utilizes external Timeline APIs to leverage the data.

What are the benefits of integrating with Gainsight Timeline?

The integration enables seamless collaboration and improved management of calls and meetings from All meetings including audio recordings, video recordings, and trackers are displayed in Timeline after integration. It streamlines meeting access, enhances collaboration, and simplifies meetings management.

Where is the configuration for this integration handled?

The configuration for the integration is managed within the platform.

What types of meetings are added to Timeline after integration?

Timeline imports all meeting information, including audio or video recordings, as well as  call trackers. These are imported using external Timeline APIs and are automatically created after a successful integration.

Can I access the meeting recordings if I am not logged into

No. To access the meeting recordings, you need to be logged into since the integration relies on for accessing the recordings.

Is the integration available for both Salesforce and NXT editions?

Yes, it is available for both Salesforce and NXT editions.

How can I identify meetings on the Gainsight UI? meetings can be identified with the help of a Chorus pill icon that is included in all meetings created from

Who has the permission to edit or delete meetings?

The owner, as listed in, is the author of the Chorus Meeting in Timeline. Only thehe author can edit or delete meetings.

Does provide a summary of lengthy meetings?

Yes, fetches an AI summary that allows users to read meeting synopses. This saves time by avoiding the need to go through lengthy meetings.

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