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Through-Partner Customer Success FAQs

Gainsight NXT


This article answers the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by admins related to the Through-Partner Customer Success feature.

How does Through-Partner Customer Success differ from Partner Success?

Through-Partner Customer Success is a specialized function within Partner Success. It enables collaboration between Gainsight customers and their Partners, giving controlled access to manage through-partner customers. Whereas, Partner Success refers to Partners managing their customer base directly within their own Gainsight org. They use Gainsight to manage documents and campaign materials, track opportunities and stay on top of deals.

For more information on Through-Partner Customer Success, refer to the Through-Partner Customer Success Overview article.

Is Through-Partner Customer Success a paid add-on?

Through-Partner Customer Success is available for all customers. However, to provide access to Partner Users, you need to purchase additional Full Licenses for each Partner User. You can also allocate existing unused Full Licenses to provide access to Partner Users.

For more information on benefits of Through-Partner Customer Success, refer to the Key Benefits section of the Through-Partner Customer Success Overview article.

Can a Partner User login using a Viewer or Viewer Analytics License?

A Partner User can only login using a Full License.

What navigation areas can a Partner User access in Gainsight?

Partner Users have limited access determined by a default Permission Bundle. The default bundle allows them to access Dashboard, Timeline, Cockpit, Success Plan, Company and Relationship, and Report pages in the end-user navigation. They can also access the Scorecard page in the administration navigation.

Additionally, admins can create and maintain multiple Permission Bundles for Partner Users based on their requirements. They can select a subset from the product features mentioned above. For more information on how to create a custom bundle for Partner User, refer to the Custom Partner Bundle section of the Partner Permission Bundle article.

Is the Relationship-level functionality included in Through-Partner Customer Success?

Yes, Through-Partner Customer Success supports managing customers at the Relationship level.

Can Partner Users access all data in the Company and Relationship records assigned to them?

Partner Users can access all data that is available in the Company and/or Relationship records assigned to them. For example, a Partner User can view all CTAs linked to a Company whether they are created by other Partner Users or Gainsight Admins or CSMs. You can specify which data Partner Users can view by creating custom rules in Data Permissions.

For more information on how to create a custom rule, refer to the Inheritance Rules section of the Data Permissions article.

Can I add Partner data from another CRM, such as Salesforce?

Yes, you can add Partner data from another CRM. You need to import Partner data into Gainsight as a Company record using a connector job. When the data resides in Gainsight, you can tag the record as Partner.

For more information on how to tag a Company record as Partner, refer to the Tag Company as Partner section in the Add Partners article.

Can I control what reports a Partner User can download?

You can control reports a Partner User can access. However, the ability to restrict the type of data they can download from the report is not available. Hence, it is recommended to share only those reports with Partner Users that comply with your organization’s data privacy policies.