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Gainsight NXT Patch Release Notes: Version 6.25.X series

This document contains information about announcements, new functionalities, or issues that were resolved in patch releases of the 6.25.1 version.

Note: Releases are not always contiguous, and do not always contain customer-facing issues or enhancements.

Version 6.25.1 (Patch), June 08, 2021


Data Management

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In Gainsight Data Management, an admin can perform setup data in the Gainsight Matrix Data Architecture (MDA). Admins can create and manage Gainsight Objects from the Data Management page. As an analogy, a Gainsight Object and its field(s) can be thought of as a database table and its columns. Data Management can be accessed from Administration > Operations > Data Management.
Upgraded Data Load APIs

While inserting data into the Gainsight Objects through channels such as Connectors, APIs or Rules Engine > Load to Object action, when there are more than one Identifiers and at least one of them is null with no default value, then that record is rejected and not inserted into the Object. This ensures that no duplicate records are created inside a Gainsight Object.


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CSMs, Account Managers, and Executives need quick customer information while on the go – whether they’re headed to a customer meeting, traveling, meeting customers at conferences, or juggling a busy schedule. With limited time and many customers, CSMs and AMs also need to quickly know if key customers are at risk. Gainsight Mobile App allows you to access Timeline Activities, key customer information using Sally, and view Notifications received directly from your smartphone while on the go!
Access Person Information in Mobile

Mobile app is now enhanced to add the Person section to the 360 view. This enhancement helps CSMs quickly access the contact (person) and hierarchy information of the customer organization, on the go. The hierarchy information include the organization hierarchy, decision making hierarchy and influence information.

IMPORTANT: To start seeing the Person section in mobile, make sure your admins have already configured it in the Gainsight web app. For more information on how admins configure a Person section in 360, refer to the Configure Person Section to C360 Layouts article.

To access the Person section from mobile, navigate to the 360 tab and tap the Person section card. For more information on how to access 360 in Mobile, refer to the Mobile 360 article.

Issues Addressed

Module Summary
User Management
Admins were not able to add managers for a few specific users due to an error. This issue is now resolved.
In User Management, values in drop down lists were not sorted in an alphabetical order due to which users were not able to find the required values quickly. This issue is now resolved.
Users can now select Norwegian (Norway) in the User Locale field to update the locale such as language, date and time format in the Gainsight. Before this release few Norwegian locales were not configured, as a result the application settings were not honoring the Norwegian locale.
Users were unable to view their profile information in the Application Settings page. This issue is now resolved.
Users were unable to clear the value in the Custom Fields with dropdown values in the User details page. This issue is now resolved.

Previous Version Details

Gainsight team works hard to provide new features, enhancements, and fix bugs. This section provides details of the work done in the previous release, these releases can either be patch or a scheduled major release.

Date Release Number Description

22 May 2021


Gainsight NXT Release Notes 6.25 May 2021