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People Maps FAQs

Below are some basic questions about People Maps. If you have a question that's not answered here or through related support articles, please email If you have enhancement suggestions, please post them to Gainsight's Community

​If you add comments in Person Details, are those comments showcased in other areas such as the People Maps widget in Salesforce?

Yes, the comments are available in all areas. They are stored in the Person object in the Comments field. The comments can be pushed through Rules to Salesforce.

If we modify a field in the Person Details (e.g. Title) will that be updated and reflected in Salesforce automatically?

Not automatically, as a rule needs to be set up to update these changes from Gainsight  to Salesforce.

Is there a way to track customer’s usage of People Maps and share the analytics report with customers and their teams?

Gainsight tracks the usage of People Maps using the Gainsight PX application. But this analysis report is available to the customers in the Gainsight 360 page (for the Salesforce Edition) and is shared through the Shared 360 page (for the Salesforce and NXT editions) weekly. If you do not receive the usage data weekly, you can contact your COM.

If a Person is no longer at the company, will this be flagged on their Person widget within People Maps? Is there an alert to notify users about the change?

Gainsight does not delete Persons from People Maps automatically. If a CSM manually deletes the Person, then the Person would not be displayed in the People Map. Also, there is no alert regarding the change.


  • If a CSM deletes a Person from People maps, the Person record is deleted from the Company Person object, but it is not deleted from the Person object. Also, the Person delete process may take some time and the records will be visible on this page until the deletion is completed.
  • In order to delete a person, we recommend removing the respective Person from the People Maps and mark them as Inactive from the User Management page. If you delete a person directly, then you will lose all content about them.
If using Salesforce Connector build out People Maps, is this a one time run or can you run regularly, if needed?

The scheduler can be scheduled to sync once or hourly to update People Maps.

Can you automatically create People Maps by importing data from Salesforce Connector?

Yes, you need to populate the Manager field in the company person. If you enable the SFDC connector, there'll be an out of the box mapping for it (with the source as the Reports to field in Salesforce Contacts).

Note: We recommend to sync the manual changes done in People Maps into Salesforce, in order to avoid overwriting of the changes with the stale data from Salesforce.

Can we replace a Person directly from People Maps?

Yes, you can directly replace a Person in the People Maps. Click on ellipsis dots on the Person's widget and select Replace.

Can we add a person as an Influencer from outside of a customer’s organization (within the CSM’s company)?

Yes, you can add a new person as an Influencer from outside of a customer’s organization (within the CSM’s company). But the Person should be already added in the Gainsight User object.

Is People Maps an add-on feature?

People Maps is available as an add-on to the Gainsight CS subscription. Please contact your account manager for pricing information.

Can we also add Inactive users to People Maps?

Yes, you can also add Inactive users to People Maps.

Is the Gainsight People Maps feature available in C360 to users with Standard or Viewer license?

Yes, People Maps is available in C360 with full edit capabilities to users with both the Standard and Viewer license. People Maps can be seen in the C360 details > Person section in the Gainsight widget in the Account, Opportunity, Case Salesforce pages.

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