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Publish a Simple Program

Gainsight NXT


This article explains the various methods admins can publish a Simple Program.


Admins can publish the program immediately to launch the simple program. The following conditions must be met before we proceed:

  • There are no configuration issues
  • Tokens must be properly mapped
  • To enable Publish button, all the mandatory configuration must be done in the participants and action tabs.

Admins can either choose to publish the program immediately or go through the scheduling process to launch the program at a predetermined date and time. However, the scheduling method is still approachable by many Admins when you want to schedule a program at a given specific time and date with desired location.

Admins can also opt for One Time sync, or Recurring sync of the participants while publishing a program.

Journey Orchestrator supports two different methods of Publishing a Program:

  • Publish Immediately
  • Scheduling a Program

Publish Immediately

Once the program is configured, the Publish option is enabled. Admins can use this option to schedule a program immediately.

For more information on the program configuration, refer to the Add Participants to a Simple Program article from the Additional Resources section.

To publish a program immediately:

  1. Navigate to Digital Journey > Programs.
  2. Click the required simple program. The Participants tab of a simple program appears.
  3. Click Publish. The Program Schedule window appears.
  4. In the Sync section, select one of the following frequencies of adding participants to the program:
  • One Time - Sync participants only once as soon as the program is published.
  • Recurring - Sync based on the schedule until the program is active.
  1. Click Publish. The program is published immediately.

Schedule a Program

Admins can schedule a program as per the desired date, and time zone. 

For more information, refer to the Journey Orchestrator’s New List View  from Additional Resources section.

To schedule a program:

  1. Navigate to Digital Journey > Programs.
  2. Click the required simple program. The Participants tab of a simple program appears.
  3. Navigate to the Schedule tab.
  4. Select the required Time Zone from the Time Zone dropdown.
  5. In the Day calendar view, select the Click to define schedule pointer. The Program Schedule window appears. 

Note: Alternatively, from the right side of the page, click Publish.

  1. From the Sync section, select the required option.

Note: You can select Recurring sync only if the participant's source is either Data Designer or Segment

  1. In the Schedule section, enter the following information:
    1. Start Date
    2. Start Time
    3. End Date
    4. Time Zone
  1. Click Publish. The program will be scheduled and its name will appear on the calendar view at the scheduled time.
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