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How to Configure Programs (path)


How to Configure Programs (path)
This guide walks you through every aspect of creating, sending and analyzing Programs.
Pages: 7
  • Introduction to Programs
    With Gainsight Program, you can design multi-step outreaches that guide your customer through a responsive series of email interactions to reach an enhanced outcome.
  • Program List View and Create New Program
    This article explains how users can access program information and create new programs from the Programs Page.
  • Available Models for Programs
    Models are pre-built, configurable methods for conducting different email campaigns within a Program. They are designed to capture Gainsight’s recommended best practices for capturing customer feedback.
  • Add Participants to a Program
    This article explains the different configurations available to add participants to a Program.
  • Configure Model and Emails for Programs
    This article explains Admins how to configure Model and Emails for Programs.
  • How to Test a Program
    This article walks you through how to test a Program after you’ve configured it.
  • Reports for a Single Program
    The Programs Feature offers pre-built, out-of-the-box analytics. To access analytics for a Program, hover over the selected outreach in the Program list view and click the Analytics icon.


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