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Call API Action Type in Programs

Gainsight NXT


This article explains how to use the External API Action type in Journey Orchestrator.  


A new action type in Programs ‘Call API’ is used to integrate with the external callout framework and list all the connections used by the user. This action type is supported for all model types in Journey Orchestrator. Admins can select an external connector and its respective actions, and also select the participant fields and tokens to be populated for the dynamic token fields from external callout.

The primary use case is to call external API and update the parameters based on the events occurring in Gainsight CS. Some of the examples are:

  • Sending an NPS® survey and posting the response to the collaboration tool (Slack).
  • If a contact does not open an email then sending the information through SMS (via Twilio).
  • Creating/Updating case in an external ticketing system (Zendesk) when a CTA created in a program is closed lost.
  • Sending the CSAT survey and then posting its response to the external ticketing system (Zendesk).
  • Updating an external data system based on the events happening in Gainsight CS with Customer/Relationship/Person data along with taking other actions.
  • Sending alerts to an external system when Customer Health Score drops by X%, along with taking other actions like creating a CTA.

Note: By default, this feature is not enabled. To enable this feature, contact

Admins can add the Call API step by clicking + after a Wait Timer or Conditional Wait step.

External API - Cropped.png


To establish a connection to the external system, one of the authentication methods must be used. For more information about these authentication methods, refer to API Authorization Methods. This configuration can be performed from the Custom Connectors widget present in Connectors page.

Once you establish a connection with the external application, you can configure the API message, as required. Once you finalize your API structure, you can use the API in the Call External API action type. The API configuration can be performed from the External Actions page in Gainsight. 

For more information on how to configure the prerequisites, refer to the Configure External Action from Gainsight article.

Create Call API Step 

Once you create and configure the custom connection and External action, you can see that the action type is now displayed in Journey Orchestrator. 

Create a Call API step to call external API and update parameters based on the events happening in Gainsight CS.

To configure the Call API step:

  1. Click + to add a new action and select Call API.
  2. Hover on the Call API step and click the edit icon. The Configure External API To Call page appears.
  3. From the Connector and External API dropdown options, select the appropriate connector and external API type which are configured in the External Actions page. 
  4. Enter the values for the fields opted for that external connector.

Note: Admins can even enter the custom values if the data is not defined.

  1. Click SAVE.

Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 5.26.06 PM.png

Note: Click PREVIEW to test the API call and also view the response as part of the Test API.

The Call API step can be modified post publishing the journey. This will be immediately applicable to all the participants who are yet to be part of this step.

When an error happens, the admin can choose whether to drop the participant or continue the participant’s journey.

During the execution, the external API callout details are stored in the database for analytics.

Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 5.30.59 PM.png


  • When Call API action type is used in programs, it will take more time than usual to get the list of participants if the participants are more in number.
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